KHALISTAN IN P.I.S.S. (Partitioned Indian Secular State)

Date: 6/14/2005


.................INPUT BY A SIKH GENTLEMAN: The Sikhs ought to have been the happiest lot in an independent Hindustan. But they are not. Why is this so? It is so because even the HINDUS lie crushed today in Ayodhya and EXTINT in North Kashmir and thoroughly DEGRADED in East Bengal. In decomposing and disintegrating Hindustan, the political life style is as it was in the 17th century AD. There is the MOGUL DYNASTY that went down from father to son. NO elections and NO referendum on any issue that sank or floated the whole nation. The sarkar sat so high above the masses that they passed laws, launched military operations against own people who raised their heads and looted the treasury in the well known manner of notorious BOFORS CHOR who is Mr. Clean in their eyes. The natives saw their basic rights crushed helplessly under the Geneva Convention of the time that was called The Holy Koran. The rulers, the great KHANS went to Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and even ITALY bring in spouses who sat in palaces in Delhi, Lucknow and Allahabad. Foreign missionaries and maulvis set upon "tableegh" while the native high priests had to chant repeatedly, "all are one mankind." In that historic BACKDROP that has affected the genetic quality of inferior people of South Asia, we need to see the following report where the brave Son of Punjab is charged by the COWARDS of BROKEN BHARAT for the crime of demanding Khalistan. This inferior race of natives has no memory cells to recall the establishment of PAKISTAN that took away our LAHORE and even put Sri Nankana Sahib under and ALIEN flag. This inferior race of natives in decomposing Hindustan has no guts to question their rulers, leave aside EXECUTE them all in the manner of THREE "GANDHIS" (Mahatma, Indira and Rajiv). One needs to reflect on the INSECURITY of the Sikhs when they see FIRES OF REBELLION in neighbouring Kashmir and build up new ONSLAUGHTS against Delhi from the West (Pakistan). One had to see the justification for Khalistan on the very day that BANDIT Nehru was seeing the glow of freedom but could not see the blood and corpses of minorities in Pakistan and the struggle of those MILLIONS trying to reach the border by any means. He saw the red glow but could not see it turn into a mighty BALL OF FIRE one day in the future that would wipe away his dynasty and his ONE PARTY Dynastic Congress Rule for ever. There had to a TRIAL of Nehru and his companions for signing the Act of Partition of Punjab, Bengal and India in 1047. In every other country on earth PEOPLE would have demanded an explanation and their heads, too. But India is eternally a coolie colony and all, including great scholars and generals are RECONCILED to their eventual fate. What is about to hit that BROKEN BHARAT (Partitioned Indian Secular State, or P.I.S.S.) will put the demand of Khalistan by Dr Jagjit Singh into insignificance that is beyond our comprehension right now. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD if NO Hindu stalwart or "NETA" has mustered his "goat's" (MOTHER'S) guts to shout PAKISTAN MURDABAD . But the "Sikh bashing" that we see today, is sadly ALSO the appropriate fate of the NAIVE and SIMPLETON who could not rise to the occasion in 1947, and saw their grand province and ancient land fragmented violently, and, WORST OF ALL, who could not erect an impressive Memorial to the two million dead of that year that ought to have been TALLER and HIGHER than "India Gate" that stands at the end of RAJPATH in New Delhi. It does not have even two thousand names on it. None has revived our glorious "Panth" since that dark midnight when our BANDIT saw the glow of HIS freedom to misrule and plunder the country till his death and then safely pass his COOLIE COLONY of Hindustan on to his daughter. Before the UN listen to our cries for Khalistan, the whole world needs to SEE our Memorial to the Dead of 1947. Otherwise they are justified in thinking what WE OURSELVES think of our martyrs, refugees and patriots like Dr Jagjit Singh. .............========================== In a message dated 14/06/2005 10:18:20 GMT Daylight Time, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes: Plea against Chohan quashed Mr Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel of the High Court today quashed a complaint filed against self-styled “President of Khalistan” Jagjit Singh Chohan. The complaint had been filed by the General Secretary of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee’s legal cell, Jagmohan Singh Saini. Seeking the quashing of the complaint, Dr Chohan had earlier claimed that the same was filed for attaining political mileage and publicity. Quoting the Supreme Court, counsel for the petitioner had added that the allegations regarding the demand for the creation of “Khalistan” was no offence. Giving details, counsel for the petitioner had stated that, as per the complaint, Dr Chohan had discussed the formation of “Khalistan” with the complainant. The story, he added, had no iota of truth. Gur fateh , The above is a news item of Tribune date 1st August 2002 Chandigarh about thedemand of Khalistan earlier . ...........................000000000