Date: 6/14/2005


A typical Hindu family reacts to Kashmir Blast. Husband to wife.. There is another firework in Kashmir. Many Killed. Thank God we are safe in this good city. Wife:. How Many are killed ? Are there any Services people dead. Husband:. Does not matter who is killed. Some 12-16 are killed and 100 injured. Elder Son: But the services people are there to protect our Country. Their families and children will be devastated for life. Nobody cares for them. Who will look after their wife and children. Borders are again porous and easy for the terrorists to come in. Husband: But, Son, this is part of the Game. Dont worry. You should be careful if you are in a crowded place. Please also return well in time. We both are terribly worried when you are late even by half hour. Wife: What happened to the Peace Process?. Pakistan is still supporting terrorism. Husband: Dont take it to heart Dear. Nobody has taken responsibility for the fireworks. It is just one of those things which happen due to DESTINY. Let us not blame anyone. Get my Breakfast fast and do not forget to make something special for the evening Tea with my friend Parvej Mia. Younger Son (6years): Papa, why dont we kill this Destiny which planted 40 Kgs of RDX in the Car used for the Kashmiri fireworks ? Husband: Oh !...But..... Go take your Bath and rush to School. Dont waste your time in these silly things. ...................================== IF THE HINDU COWS HAVE A PAKISTANI BULL LIVING IN PRESIDENT'S PALACE AND A CATHOLIC CAT FOR THE MICE, THEN WHAT BETTER NEWS CAN COME OUT OF SOUTH KASHMIR? .......................000000000