Date: 6/14/2005


SINCE INDIA IS IN THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY, NEW POWER BLOCKS ARE EMERGING TO WIPE OUT THE HINDUS. THE DALITS DID NOT NEED MUCH COAXING TO JOING THE CATHOLICS AND NOW MUSLIMS. ONE CAN IMAGINE THE PLIGHT OF HINDUS WHEN THESE AXIS POWERS LAUNCH A CONCERTED ATTACK. ..................================== Muslims may riot against dalits, Ambedkar may have said whatever he said, but the fact is that Dalits support the Muslim agenda more than Hindutva, they have been doing this forever. Why? Before an Indian Dalit is made a Pope, we should have a Dalit Shankaracharya, Dalit priests. It may be a tough job but I am sure we can get 1% Dalits to agree which will change the course for the rest 99%. ......................============== The following note, sent out by the Jamiat ul-Ulama-i Hind, an all-India association of Deobandi ulama, makes some interesting suggestions that need to be taken note of. The numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes in the text may be excused--they aren't mine [!] but appeared in the version of the text sent to me. ....................===================== Resolutions Adopted at the 28th General Session of the Jamiat ul-'Ulama- i Hind, Delhi, 29th May, 2005 Resolution : 1 Reservation for Muslims This session of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind deplores diminishing representation of Muslims due to discrimination in Educational Institutions, Jobs, Parliament, Assemblies and Municipal Bodies. It is clear violation of constitutional rights. Compared to 13% Muslims population officially their over all representation is only 2% leading to their extreme marginalization. Their recruitment in armed forces, intelligence agencies and key positions is withheld. The discrimination in administration and public servies continues unabated. The session demands: Proportional representation of Muslims in every department and removal of respective constitutional hurdles. Fixation of quota and elimination of discrimination in implementation of reservation granted to certain backward classes of Muslims under Mandal Commission. Amendment of Article 341 of Constitution by removing the restriction of religion and broadening its scope to include Muslims, Christian, Dalits and backward classes. The Govt. has included non-Muslim weavers and artisan classes in the scheduled caste. This discrimination should be removed by including Muslim and other artisan classes. Resolution : 2 Bill to prevent Communal Riots This session appreciates commitment of UPA Govt. in CMP to enact law for prevention of communal riots but practically nothing has come out so far. The proposal should be implemented at the earliest. All central and state governments have proved ineffective in prevention of communal riots with horrible consequences in terms of huge loss of lives and property. In this respect, on 8th March 1999 Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind presented memorandum with 21 Lakh signatures to the president of India but with no practical consequences so far. Therefore, this session demands from the central and state governments: To enact law introducing appropriate punitive measures against negligence and dereliction of duty on the part of respective administrative and police officials. Prompt and full compensation to riot victims in the light of relevant judicial verdicts. Resolution : 3 Establishment of Maktab (Basic Education) Centers in Backward Areas This session of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind stresses the need to establish basic education centers in the remote backward rural areas and appeals to all Islamic educational institutions and Madrasas to allocate 10% of their annual outlay for establishment and sustenance of such centers. Resolution : 6 Communal Harmony In a pluralistic society communal harmony is a must. without it the country canít march ahead towards peace and progress. Therefore this session stresses the need for: All out effort at all levels to ensure communal harmony. Keeping with Islamic traditions and values tolerance and good neibourly relations with followers of all the religions and all classes of people specially Dalits and Minorities. Joint eating program is an effective measure to bring Muslims and Dalits closer. Such programs should be encouraged. Organization of Joint Conferences and meetings of Dalits, Muslims and other communities on wider scale. Maximum possible cooperation and help in the hour of need. Promotion of mutual respect and human values as taught by Islam. .........................000000000