Date: 6/15/2005


Very True Indeed, (refers to a previous posting about cowardice of Hindu leaders) Not only are many of them cowards, they have been behaving like slaves right from beginning. It was with trust on them, that we have voted them to power, expecting them to build the temple. Cowards they were. They let us down. There must be a binding faith, that can lead us. Both Sikhs and Hindus have to adhere to this. What else can be more strengthening than spirituality binded with aggression. Otherwise everything will be burnt up. Our temples, ashrams and maths have failed. They pretended to spread Spirituality but failed to teach aggression (Dharma Raksha). They failed to spread message of Gita. Gita is being read by Hindus only with voluntary interests. Only Aggressive Hindu Nationalism can save this nation. We need a common voice. A voice which possesses the determination of Swami Vivekananda and aggression of Chatrapathi Sivaji. Instead of waiting for an avatar to be born, we need to take up the onus. Every Hindu must have this voice. Only with determination to spread Hinduism and aggression to eliminate anti-Hindu elements shall Mother's glory be restored. By mother I mean Bharath Mata. Jai mata di. Jai Hind. ................ Chennai ...........................000000000