Date: 6/15/2005


Who rules Hindu India is far worse than who rules an ISLAMIC COUNTRY. One billion Indians are being ruled by an Italian women called Antonio Maino Sonia Gandhi- Khan is a matter of shame and disgrace for all Hindus because Muslims are happy and say Congress rule is as good as Muslim rule or even better that they are getting all the benefit without any blame. christians are on the moon because their leader is riding over Sardarji called Manmohan Singh[ a sardar without b-----]. Hindus are under foreign and minority rule again. This is a fact that only two hundred thousand Britishers ruled over India for nearly three centuries and Muslims ruled for one thousand years but it is a fact that now only a handful of slaves of Sonia are ruling Hindu India namely oscar Fernendes, Magaret Alva, Ahmed Patel, Ambica Soni, a few communists and a bunch of selfish Hindu opportunists. .................============ WHEN WILL THIS MESSAGE REACH THE HINDU MASSES, NOW AT THE LITERACY LEVEL OF BABOOS AND BABOONS? .................000000000