Date: 6/16/2005


SIKHS UNDER THREAT IN PARTITIONED INDIA: In a message dated 16/06/2005 18:01:16 GMT Daylight Time, XXXXXXX writes: I believe that the call for putting up a memorial has been given by the SAD leaders who do not share the vision of Punjab as has all along been supported by Mr.Badal as a sort of trial balloon for political fireworks without being very serious about it. Still I think that it would be appropriate for Mr Badal to nip the idea in the bud before it leads to any tension or misgivings in the minds of the people of Punjab. The writer is a former Chief Secretary of Punjab ...........====================================== We must fiercely counter attack at every attempt, however subtle or affront, on the part of Sarkari Stooges in PARTITIONED bleeding India, to relegate the sovereign Sikhs as servants and serfs of DYNASTY. Sonia KHAN (masquerading as Gandhi) is the choice of the entire "Hijda" HINDU nation for the chair of Prime Minister, not ours, not even of the Kashmiris or the East Bengalis. We as a community are second to none on earth. Even the TOP cabinet minister in New Delhi, leave aside a former Chief Secretary of a State with its capital on Union Territory, is a "mouse" sitting at the feet of the CAT from Italy, yet the writer poses as somebody sitting above ground. The writer is the former CHIEF Secretary of ONE FRAGMENT of Punjab, obviously the unscrupulous guy who licked the feet of Dynasty to survive long years in his chair, the Dynasty having killed the honourable. We hope he had put his e-mail address at the bottom to get this one from us. This RESPONSE is being put on Internet, too, for the whole world to see. Time has come to COUNTERATTACK any attempt to belittle our great MARTYRS and our great GURDWARAS. The only one Temple that is standing in the whole country in full Golden Glory is the one in Amritsar. The MAJORITY COMMUNITY has to do with the RUINS in Ayodhya where they will be dreaming of one Made of MUD for the next 700 years. A Memorial to the Dead means just one thing, THE NATION IS ALIVE. Did the writer not see INDIA GATE in New Delhi, not far from the residence of ITALIAN BORN memsahib of his Broken Bharat? Is he not aware of dozens of JEWS' Holocaust Museums across the globe? How have these sullied the good name of the Jews on earth? For anyone to be PROUD of being a Sikh, the Memorial has to SHOOT UP from earth and attain a height no less than that of Eiffel Tower in Paris, to serve as a WARNING for any political "Bitch" of "Dog" ruling and fooling Hindustan to beware of the indigenous dynamic minority who are also ENTITLED to the kind of sovereignty enjoyed by WEST Punjab and EAST Bengal. We were considered a convenient "walk over" by "BANDIT and BAPU" in 1947 and by their successors in 1984. The Sikh glory must now go up and touch the sky. The writer has NO word about his "KAFIR/INFIDEL" status in Islamic EAST Bengal and his "DOG'S" status in LAHORE, just 30 miles to the West of Amritsar. But a Memorial to the SIKH heroes and MARTYRS? O NO! Even the idea is a big pain in his back that is turned towards the RUINED Temple in AYODHYA, the ruined memorial of the dead HINDU manhood. Wherefrom has this downtrodden, mentally smashed and GENETICALLY DETERIORATED Indian "coolie", REFUGEE FROM LAHORE, turned up who is reconciled to ONE Dynasty's stagnant rule over his Broken Bharat and repeatedly DIVIDED PUNJAB, but notices a Memorial that is still in the future. The collapse of the INDIAN coolie nation, with Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam keeping a watch from high above all the HINDUS, is due to one reason alone: LACK O SELF ESTEEM of born slaves who will take centuries to stand up to be counted in UN next to the MAN from EAST Bengal. Please ERECT the Memorial to HONOUR your race and to commemorate the brave Dead of 1984, who did not stoop down to lick the writer's BOGUS secularism that produced Pakistan to the West and BOGUSdesh to the East Make another one even TALLER for the TWO MILLION DEAD HINDUS of 1947, too, to remind the writer's "aulaad" of the Run and Rout of his whole nation from LAHORE, DHAKA and CHITTAGONG in 1947. That too is the onus upon the Sikhs since the Hindus will not muster guts and courage to put one up by themselves. The Sikhs in their tiny enclave that the shameless demoralised writer calls "PUNJAB", will survive if there is a MEMORIAL erected, standing out in the open, for the whole world to see. They will perish if there is none, or if they HIDE the criminal attack by Indira KHAN who FOOLED the writer and all the one billion fellow Hindus under the bogus name of "Gandhi". I challenge the writer to name the man she married and also HIS two parents and three first cousins. That is INDIA where impressive designations of NATIVE ignorant lickspittles mean NOTHING. .....................============= Memorial to Bluestar Badal should control hardliners by S.S. Dhanoa The Shiromani Akali Dal Badal, it seems, has made it into an art to go for a tight rope walking in public affairs in Punjab. SAD threw open its doors to Hindus only recently. Perhaps the move upset some Sikh hardliners. Now the SGPC has come forward with a proposal for a memorial to those who died during Operation Bluestar in 1984 after 20 years of the tragedy. I do not know if the new proposal is intended to cover its earlier lapses when its leaders said nothing to the killer gangs operating from within the Golden Temple complex. Tragedies like Operation Bluestar or even bigger than that had taken place in Sikh history earlier too like the two "ghalugharas". It is said that more than 20,000 Sikhs died during "wada ghalughara" perpetrated by Ahmed Shah Abdali in 1762. When some Sikhs tried to make a bit too much of what the then small community had suffered, a Nihang Singh, according to Ratan Singh Bhangoo, got up to chide them declaring that what the community had lost was only the dross whereas what was left was pure gold. The Khalsa, thereafter, chalked out a programme to confront Abdali instead of crying over what can be called as the spilt milk. The memorial to the ghalughara was the reconstruction of the Golden Temple and cleaning of the holy sarovar through the sangat and the captives from among soldiers of Ahmed Shah Abdali. The Khalsa became the wall of concrete, as described by the late Prof Hari Ram Gupta, that permanently blocked the route of attack of the Muslim adventurers against India for ever. The Khalsa came to rule Punjab after only about 30 years of the great tragedy but no one went for putting up a memorial to the ghalughara victims. There is one more great difference between the ghalugharas and the Operation Bluestar holocaust. The Sikhs were victims of totally unprovoked attacks in both ghalugharas whereas in Operation Bluestar leaders of the Sikhs had a contributory role in generating various events that brought about Operation Bluestar. The Sikhs under Guru Hargobind had picked up a fight with the Mughal faujdar over a hunting falcon that made the faujdar attack Amritsar. Guru Hargobind had so arranged that when the Mughal army entered Amritsar, the moved out of the town so that their fighting did not cause any harm to the innocent citzenery of Amritsar. He fought the faujdar outside the city. The Dharam Yudh Morcha of the SAD had started from outside Amritsar but the SAD moved to the Golden Temple complex to make common cause with Sant Bhindranwale, who soon came to assume the position of a frankenstein calling the shots, pushing the SAD to play a second fiddle to him. Sant Bhindranwale moved to Akal Takht. There would have been no Operation Bluestar, if at any time till even the 5th June, Bhindranwale had moved out of the Golden Temple complex. The SGPC has to share responsibility for everything that happened in the Golden Temple complex during those murky days and also for permitting Bhindranwale to occupy Akal Takht as his abode. The alliance of the SAD with Bhindranwale for the dharam yudh morcha for the first time invited questions about non-violence as a strategy for the Akali agitation. Progressively Bhindranwale was able to ridicule the Akali strategy and commend his alternative of motor-cycle mounted armed Sikh youths as more effective weapons for achieving the perceived Sikh goals. He could get away with challenging Badal and almost silenced Sant Longowal from questioning him. The result was that by the time Operation Bluestar was mounted in 1984 the SAD stood isolated in India. The carnage was worse than what had been perpetrated by General Dyer in 1919 but it invited no anger or even anguish from the rest of India other than the Sikhs. The anger that got generated among the Sikhs over the destruction of the Akal Takht and other excesses that got committed during Operation Bluestar alienated many Sikhs, particularly abroad, from the mainstream which even the appointment of Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister has failed to assuage fully even now. The construction of a memorial Operation Bluestar would keep the old wounds festering without any benefit to the Sikh community. One of the bitter lessons that Punjabis seem to have learnt after a decade of bloodshed and violence has been that their destiny stood linked together and that they had to turn their back to the separatism and violence being preached by self-seeking leaders and pseudo-intellectuals, in order to take Punjab further as the vanguard state of India. It is in this that Mr Prakash Singh Badal had taken the lead to stand for Punjabiat only a short while ago. He had refused to merge his faction of the SAD with others who stood more for separatism although they tried to take shelter behind the authority of jathedars like the Jathedar of the Akal Takhat etc. The whole of Punjab, cutting across all communal boundaries came out to back Badal on his platform of Panjabiat. I believe that the call for putting up a memorial has been given by the SAD leaders who do not share the vision of Punjab as has all along been supported by Mr.Badal as a sort of trial balloon for political fireworks without being very serious about it. Still I think that it would be appropriate for Mr Badal to nip the idea in the bud before it leads to any tension or misgivings in the minds of the people of Punjab. The writer is a former Chief Secretary of Punjab ................=============== CHIEF SECRETARIES IN COOLIE COLONY OF INDIA (like the writer of the mail above) ARE MORONS AND UNSCRUPULOUS YESMEN OF ITALIAN BORN SONIA KHAN. AT HER BEHEST THEY HATE OWN SLAVE NATION. SHE HAS THREATENED PUNISHMENT TO HINDUS IF THEY RAISE TEMPLE IN AYODHYA BUT SHE ACCEPTS PAKISTAN AS A LEGITIMATE GIFT OF GOD TO INDIAN MUSLIMS. SHE DOES NOT TOLERATE THE THOUGHT OF A MEMORIAL TO THE SIKH DEAD SINCE SHE REGARDS THEM AS VERMIN. WE HOPE A BRAVE RAJPUT IN THE HINDU NATION TAKES CARE OF "GANDHI NO. 4" AND THE SIKH NATION ERECTS A TALL MEMORIAL TO THE DEAD OF 1984 as well as of 1947, WHO DIED BECAUSE THE DYNASTY WISHES TO RULE THE NATIVE HINDU "NIGGERS" FOR ANOTHER SEVEN CENTURIES. ...................000000000