Date: 6/17/2005


RECEIVED FROM A SIKH LIST: (also a dire warning to the HINDUS whose WOMEN are degraded under the foot of an ITALIAN BORN CATHOLIC "CAT" SONIA KHAN and whose MEN are degraded under the terror of ABDUL KALAM, A PAKISTANI BY DEFINITION UNDER the "ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947.") ...................====================== ...............MEMORIAL TO OUR GLORIOUS DEAD One did not realise the immense courage and guts of the Jews to put up dozens of Holocaust Museums to recall their dead. They ran the risk of annoying, or offending, all the Germans on earth. They also risked inviting severe displeasure of the Popes in Rome who remained silent over their extermination throughout Europe for centuries. Now look at our own Partitioned Indian Secular State (P.I.S.S.) where both Hindus and Sikhs, who hold world record in slavery and being killed and massacred, are hesitant, reluctant, or unable, to set up a suitable Memorial to our Dead. By the way, PAKISTAN itself is the most glorious and VISIBLE Memorial to the Muslim Dead though they had SO FEW “martyrs” or Dead in Hindustan. What have the SIKHS and the Hindus got to show to our children? The ruins in Ayodhya, the huge mosques in Varanasi and Mathura where once grand temples stood, or the Flag of Arabia flying over Sri Nankana Sahib and Lahore? The dilemma of erecting a Memorial was faced by the Jewish leaders before they established their first Memorial. During deliberations whether it will annoy the Germans or not, said one, “Do not look at yourselves through the eyes of HITLER and feel FEAR freeze the bone marrow in your spine.” All they all agreed to put up a Memorial that would act as a deterrent to the future killers and dictators as well as serving as a great reminder to the coming generations as to what their forefathers had gone through during the previous centuries, in order to survive. Today there is not one, but TWENTY Jewish Holocaust Museums on earth, two in South America and three in the USA, showing the world the determination of the brave Jews to survive by defying the Will of their enemies. In fact, the biggest Jewish Holocaust Museum today is in BERLIN. The Jews’ Will to survive on earth with honour will be matched by our own when we establish a SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM right in front of the LOK SABHA in New Delhi, and another in LAHORE or RAWALPINDI. Any SIKH minister, MLA, MP, journalist, politician, shopkeeper or businessman who opposes the idea of a Sikh Holocaust Museum, or any Memorial to our glorious Dead, ought to go and see one of these in Jerusalem, Berlin, Vilnius and Prague. The British built “India Gate” in the centre of India's capital with the names of the fallen heroes, in order to INSPIRE the Indian youth to join the army in their thousands. They did. And the British were VICTORIOUS in two World Wars, having conquered the world including our Khalsa Empire, due to their honouring the Spirit of their Dead. Sikhs were meant to be brave while the Jews and the British had no Spirit of "Amrit" and Five "K's". So what is wrong with our Sikh Spirit today with so many "Bunya/Bhangi Sardars" dilly dallying over the question of a Memorial to our glorious dead who perished in the decomposing and disintegrating "Hindu" world where East Bengal can go sovereign with utmost ease with Indira Khanum's blessings, but NOT East Punjab because she perceived her Sikh subjects as "fair game" or as serfs and slaves? She looked at the Khalsa in the way Emperor Aurangzeb looked at the Hindus and Hitler looked at the Jews and Gypsies. She had a vast establishment of servants, scholars and psychologists to brainwash the Hindus and demoralise the Sikhs. It was easily done. Hindu fools still do not ask, “Why did their “Saviour” Indira ignore the Temple in Ayodhya but turned to the Temple in Amritsar?” And, how many SIKHS, too, ask such life threatening dangerous questions even while living in emancipated America and England? Why did the Memorial to the Dead of 1947 not go up immediately in the same year of PARTITION of Punjab, Kashmir, Assam and Bengal? And why has it taken TWENTY ONE years before the idea of a suitable Memorial to the Dead of 1984 has even been mooted? Those small SIKH "pygmies and mental dwarfs", who do not want a Memorial to the Dead of 1947, see themselves through the eyes of Bapu Gandhi, and those who still do not wish to erect a tall Memorial to the dead of 1984 see themselves through the eyes of Indira Khan. It is amazing to see that in the world of INFERIOR "Indian coolie" none has deduced anything from the ignoble manner of death of both "Bapu" and Indira! It is time to look at ourselves afresh through OUR OWN eyes, especially if one has taken Amrit of the Tenth Master. The world is watching whether some spirit is left in the Sikh Panth, or whether we have also SUNK to the low level of demoralisation of the Hindus on the issue of Memorials to the Dead. NB: We ** will be watching closely the Sikh performance on the issue. We hope it will not be like the "goat's" performance when we tried to keep Sri Nankana Sahib in the INDIAN Punjab. <> ( ** We are the ones whom you all left behind in LAHORE, SIALKOT and GUJRANWALA in 1947. And there is still no MEMORIAL to the 92 Sikh women who jumped into the deep wells in RAWALPINDI in order to save their HONOUR.) June 17, 2005. .......................000000000