Date: 6/18/2005


WHAT HUMAN RIGHTS UNDER A POLITICAL SYSTEM THAT IS STAGNANT, CORRUPT AND DYNASTIC? THOSE CRYIG FOR HUMAN RIGHTS DO NOT REALISE THAT THERE WILL BE NO HUMAN RIGHTS IF THE FOREIGNERS STILL HOLD THE NATIVES BY THEIR EARS. HOW FOOLISH OR NAIVE OF THE NATIVES TO REGARD ABDUL KALAM, A PAKISTANI UNDER ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947, AND THE ITALIAN BORN CATHOLIC SONIA KHAN "NATIVE"!! .........................============= Dear Today in Inidia the Human rights are only in Paper . The total system and our moral are depend on courapt system only . I had one suggesition , draft a open letter address to President of India , under copy to Prime Minister , Chief minister and all the so called human right orginasation . Dont ask any help or sympathy , ask to punish the dishonest people irrespective of any gender ,religion or cast . Then the same send to all news paper editor and news channel . Dont expect any reply from them , you must do our work , let other think what they are doing are right or wrong . Today actual criminal are moving freely in society and the innocent people are suffering in Jail under trail , police forget ""A person innocent till the time he proven guilty "" and the same applicable if you can bribe them heavely . Let be honest and fight for honesty . There are some NGO funded by forigner , are spoiling our Indian Society in the name of so called women well fare , we must through them out from this country , the way we we through British from India . if any one abuse our mother or pregent sister , we will not leave them so easily . Becasue we are not like western Man , who dont care about their parents and send them to old age home , we want our parents love and blessing . In delhi if you guys required any support , let us know . ........................000000000