Date: 6/20/2005


ALL GOOD OR EVIL COMES FROM TOP. In RELIGIOUS sense the Guru is on top, not at the bottom of human pyramid. His teachings carry forward individuals, peoples and nations. IN POLITICAL sense the RULERS are at the top. Their decisions and deceptions can lead to immense suffering of the people down below, from one end of the country to the other. Their decisions can break up countries and shift frontiers where those betrayed, and left trapped on the wrong side, are delivered to extermination, degradation and persecution. The whole of Pakistan was cleared of her Hindus and Sikhs within weeks of her nefarious and illegitimate birth. The clear example greatest RELIGIOUS misfortune for mankind was the scourge of MOHAMMED (Peace be upon his Victims!) whose separatism and VIOLENCE (Jihad) has caused countless humans being killed, maimed or converted to Islam by force, and kept in Islam by force. The latest expression of his teachings was the separation of the Indian Muslims from India in 1947, and as seen in the separatist bloodletting strife in Kashmir. Make the Kashmiris return to their HINDU and BUDDHIST roots, and all will be wonderfully well once again. (provided one also throws out the “poison pills” called SONIA KHAN and ABDUL KALAM, who REFUSE to touch Hindu religion even with a barge pole, but are determined to maintain their core spiritual loyalties with Rome and Mecca respectively). The clear example of POLITICAL misfortune is for the HINDUS not to have committed HINDU rulers ON TOP, neither the First LADY of the LAND, nor the Supreme Commander of our Armed Forces, nor even the President. What is happening in Bharat is quite easy to understand. There is ONE dirty anti Hindu DYNASTY that is determined by hook or crook to keep all the NATIVES under their foot by deception, propaganda and whip. Native temples are being robbed of wealth while the Muslims enjoy Hajj subsidies. Following the lead of the rulers, there is NO wish to dismantle Partition or BLAST Pakistan out of existence as the Americans did to the Government of mighty TALIBAN in Afghanistan. What is one fragment still called “INDIA”? And what is one fragment still called “PUNJAB” by the FOOLS? Right now Hindustan’s head is upside down. If there has to be PAKISTAN then PARTITIONED India must be HINDU RASHTRA. Timid mice cannot enforce their Logic or Truth upon the cat. The choice, therefore, ought to rest with the followers of Mohammed. Can we allow them to punish their victims, INDIA and the HINDUS, any more? This is the challenge, or CHOICE, before our own HINDU leaders. 20 Jun. 05 ........................000000000