Date: 6/20/2005


In a message dated 20/06/2005 10:06:16 GMT Daylight Time, XXXXXXX writes: They (THE WRITER MEANS THE BRITISH) had cultivated Jinnah and the Muslim League throughout the war period. Jinnah was not a practising Muslim. ........................========== COMMENT: AH! IT IS SO SAFE FOR THE DEFEATED HINDU RACE TO BLAME THE BRITISH but not the indian Muslims who showed the DAGGER and terrified the Hindu nation from one end to the other. In that deep frozen tradition of serfs and slaves (in which we ACCEPT Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam ON TOP), we do have a memorial to British atrocity at Jallianwala. Now can we see even one to show the atrocities by Indian MUSLIMS or even by Afghan Muslims, or Iranian Muslims, or the Turks and the ARABS. Where are such Memorials? Did they not slaughter, rape and abduct the Hindus BY THE MILLION? So where are the Memorials to those butchered and slaughtered by the MUSLIMS when we can promptly point to the one at Jallianwala Bagh? Let us congratulate the BRAVE BRITISH who did not demolish the Jallianwala Bagh Memorial. At this time the whole nation is trembling in pants and trousers and dhotis, at the very thought of putting up a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM, EVEN A SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM. Please do have the honesty and courage to say, "They (the British) cultivated Nehru and Gandhi to go along with the Muslim demand for PARTITION. "They further cultivated both Gandhi and Nehru, both barristers-at-law, NOT to put any CONDITION to Mr. Jinnah, such as Referendum. They further cultivated the TOP HINDU LEADERS to accept the MUSLIMS back in PARTITIONED India despite the fact that wholesale SLAUGHTER of the Hindus and Sikhs started FIVE MONTHS before Pakistan was born. The whole of Rawalpindi district was being ethnically cleansed in the most brutal and savage manner from 11th March onwards. "They cultivated the entire HINDU nation not to protest at that massacre in MARCH 1947 and NOT to RETALIATE as America did against Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbour, and now after the attack on WTC Towers." "They not only cultivated the Congress Party to GO ALONG with the diabolical PARTITION but also conditioned the natives NEVER to recover NORTH Kashmir. "They cultivated the TOP HINDU leadership to forget the GIGANTIC onslaught of Islam that chopped off five provinces overnight from map of India, but also to turn to the SIKHS in order to "sort them out" as terrorists, or give them a "bloody nose", AS WE SAW IN JUNE 1984. The weak dilly dally and try to prove the ENEMY right. The brave look at themselves and HANG THOSE WHO COMMIT HIGH TREASON, starting with Gandhi and Nehru, and Baldev Singh, too. While they SURRENDERED Lahore happily, they then stuck to Srinagar. Such a devious immoral treacherous Hindustan is just waiting for the retribution from Heaven. BROKEN Bharat, or PARTITIONED India will "evaporate" within the next two centuries due to renewed ONSLAUGHT BY ISLAM since she has FAILED to reply properly to the previous one in 1947. .........................000000000