Date: 6/20/2005


Species that OVER-REPRODUCE perish. A damn that gathers too much water bursts. What happens when the MUSLIMS grow and grow UNCHECKED and beyond limits? If the country has OTHER (non Muslim) people they will be put to sword or terrorised into converting. Their property will be looted and their daughters will be abducted and raped. Their countries will become hunter's paradise and will be chopped up in the manner of India and Cyprus. Or, they will bleed to death like Kashmir in the manner of Halal. If the country is all Muslim, then the logical process of Islamic evolution will produce the Taliban who will whip and beat the WOMEN in streets and the Shias will target Sunni mosques and we will see American tanks defending Mecca and patrolling the streets of Kabul, Ghazni, Karbala and Baghdad. The whole world will tremble at the thought of anthrax and biological attacks and fear the Jehadi volunteers who become suicide bombers on planes and trains, in theatres, schools, cinemas and shopping centres. Nothing, it appears, will be safe from the Wrath of Allah. Any idea how Indian Secularism could survive in Delhi after having PERISHED in Lahore? ........................000000000