Date: 6/22/2005


WORLD WAR 2 was the watershed in human history. Until then only a few armed robbers or invaders could invade Hindustan from land or sea and put millions of natives to flight while at the same time taking loot and crying girls back across Khyber Pass. They found the Hindus DISUNITED and DEFENCELESS. So they came again and again. Even today our Hindustan has remained a country of one billion ISOLATED individual Hindus, not the clout of one united country like the United States acting in Afghanistan and iraq. They came from starving countries to a rich land. They came from cold hardy climates of central Asia and they came from burning hot deserts of ARABIA, where nothing grows except cactus and thorny bushes in the sands of Arabia. And they came from cold Europe that is snowbound and barren in winter in temperatures below zero. For motivation the Muslims had the appeal of wealth and the lure of women while the Europeans came to loot, plunder, exploit and CONVERT. Poor Hindustan could never retaliate due to the very nature of its inhabitants. For her weakness and utter helplessness, we hold her RELIGIOUS swamis and stalwarts directly responsible. Non stop, round the clock, they preach non violence, ignoring the violence that is inflicted upon us each and every minute, round the clock, by our enemies. They have made the people unable to stand up collectively to give a good fight, to teach the aggressor a lesson. The result is something of SHAME when one said, "We were invaded by Arabs, Turks, Persians and Afghans umpteen times and later by every European power including the Portuguese, the French and the British, but we never went out to sack London, Paris, Lisbon, Kabul, Teheran, Mecca or Istambul. to teach the predators a lesson to remember." So they came again and again, and are still ON TOP. The top two persons in our Bharat, one with the executive clout and the other with the constitutional stick are both NON HINDU. Yet we expect them to unite us, strengthen us, cheer us up, defend us, and enable us to defend ourselves in Kashmir and progress in life elsewhere. They look at us through the separatist eyes of Mohammed and Pope while WE look at them through the eyes of Sai Baba, Bhagat Kabir and Guru Nanak. In 1947 a horrendous political revolution took place which wiped out one third of India's TERRITORY overnight. The British who had come by gun and sword, now decided to settle the fate of Hindustan on head count, by democracy. The old era of naked aggression across frontiers and the march of armies and Mujahideen ended with Hitler. Now the British master looked where the Muslims were a majority and urged and encouraged them to simply chopped off Hindustan on that basis. At the same time they were very selective. They went to ascertain majority on REGIONAL basis, not on all-India basis although the parties that collaborated with the foreign British and the domestic enemy, were called ALL INDIA Congress Party and ALL INDIA Muslim League. So we see how these ALL INDIA parties dumped the NATIONAL (ALL INDIA) mantle and went down to REGIONAL levels seeking justification to give the TERRITORY to the Islamic Devil. No questions were asked about the logic of such a REGIONAL yardstick, totally ignoring the overall NATIONAL basis. As a result of such BOGUS Partition, our ENEMY is OUT, that is good news, but ALSO IN (and all over, from President to Peon), that is terrible news. Even worse: the enemy is bold enough to exterminate the Hindus in North Ka\shmir and threaten us with civil war if the Temple in Ayodhya was ever built. The ENEMY has demoralised us so much and weakened the nerve of our RELIGIOUS swamis and gurus so much that only last week one offered LAND to enable the enemy to build a JAMA MASJID in the city where Sri Rama was born, in order to "bring Hindus and Muslims together!" What is this FOOL of a Hindu Holy Head (SWAMI) telling the world about the state of Hindu self defence and survival, if he has not noticed the absence of LAHORE and EAST BENGAL from the map? We followed a Mahatma and his Democracy in 1947 and quickly collapsed before the Muslim MINORITY. The second pillar of our State is meant to be Secularism. But less said on it, the better. Our own top leaders, who insist on the Hindus becoming totally secular, have no love for this principle at all. How did Nehru and Gandhi DEFEND secularism in Lahore and North Kashmir? How much did Indira Khanum love Secularism at the time of RETURNING East Bengal to the ENEMY in 1972? Till today, no one has declared, with heart in democracy, "For Secularism to be valid in Delhi, it has to be rammed down their throats in Lahore." ........................000000000