Date: 6/22/2005

Comment > > 'Advani's worse than a prostitute' > > TIMES NEWS NETWORK[ TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2005 10:33:12 AM ] > > Surf 'N' Earn -Sign innow > > AHMEDABAD: VHP's sants in Gujarat have ordered vanvaas for LK Advani and gave a call for indefinite protests against the local MP in his Gandhinagar constituency till he tenders his resignation for his utterances in Pakistan. > > > In a big show of strength on Monday at a meeting held under the auspices of the just-formed Gandhinagar Matdar Sangh, the sants called Advani names, heaped abuses on him for calling Jinnah secular and demanded that he not only resign from Gandhinagar, but also as the trustee of the Somnath temple. > > Traffic was thrown out of gear by the sheer number of people who turned up for the meeting. "Advani likes to compare himself to Iron Man Sardar Patel. Forget Iron Man, he is not even aluminium, plastic or a paper man. One will also have to consider if he is a man or not," said VHP leader Acharya Dharmendra, leading the tirade at the Town Hall, spilling over with cheering VHP and Bajrang Dal workers. > > Acharya Dharmendra took exception to Advani terming Gujarat riots as a blot. "Islamic fundamentalists are identifying Narendra Modi as the culprit. By saying that what happened in Gujarat is a blot, Advani is also holding Modi guilty. Modi is not guilty... In fact, Advani should drown himself in the Sabarmati waters that Modi has brought to his constituency," he thundered. > He went on to say "Next time, Advani should organise his rath yatra from Islamabad. It is unfortunate that the sants ... > > ... had gone door to door begging for votes for Advani who has forgotten Ram and is singing praises for Jinnah." > > > Going a step further, Swami Akhileshdasji of Saraspur Ram Mandir said: "Advani is worse than a prostitute.. a prostitute at least does business in a room, Advani has started doing business openly. He cannot get away with praising Ram in India and Jinnah in Pakistan. The only way to punish Advani is to pull the chair underneath him." > > As the sants spewed venom on Advani, they showered praise on Narendra Modi. "Narendra Modi is a good leader for our country. The old leaders like Advani should take vanvaas and take refuge in the feet of sants and spend rest of their lives singing bhajans ," said Swami Shivramdasji. > > Sants also justified their action in interfering the political matters. "Political leaders like Advani have used us to win the seat of power. We've the right to ask them to vacate the chair that they are occupying with our blessings," said Swami Avichadasji of Sarsa Pith . The sants declared that a number of programmes will be taken up in Gandhinagar constituency to keep up the pressure on Advani. > > "It is a war cry," said Chaitanya Shambhu Prasad. The Matdar Sangh unleashed a signature campaign, asking for Advani's resignation. .....................000000000