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date: 6/22/2005

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highest paying part time job near me

the indian muslims have received a royal treatment from the terrified hindu majority. (unbelievable but true). they got away with one third of india on one day (august 15, 1947) without any condition imposed on the "hindu killer" mohammedan rascals in turn. their defeat and humilation put a lot of anger and frustration in the hindu mind. but unable to stand up to the violent, trigger happy mohammedans, who are ever ready for massacring more hindus, the hindus have developed huge inferiority complex and terror of mohammed in their genes. to look decent and brave, they chose the small and vulnerable sikh minority. a billion "jackals" were easily manipulated by their congress party dynastic rulers, and joined hands, and managed to kill a sikh ?ion?during the wanton and malicious army attack on golden temple in amritsar in june 1984. the sikh heroes did what was beyond the imagination of one billion bleating ?heep and goats?(terrified hindus) living across south asia under the shepherdship of sonia khan and abdul kalam, with the view of the ruined temple in ayodhya to "enjoy". the brave sikhs assassinated the political witch of our dark era called "kal-yug" when rulers become murderers of own subjects, and establish own corrupt family dynasties. the decade of 1980's saw the all out attack against the sikh spirit of freedom and dignity by police, army and security forces in east punjab. tens of thousands of noble and brave sikh young men were killed in "fake" encounters. many more were imprisoned in jails in far off states. it was like the mass deportations to siberia under martial stalin. the west remained blind and silent to what was going on within broken bharat (partitioned indian secular state, or ?.i.s.s.?). the world was more concerned to give a "bloody nose" to the serbs, and raise and lift the turks and the albanians. they were also concerned to reduce israel still further and to create a palestinian state that would ultimately drop a nuclear bomb on israel. the west could not disperse the plo permanent refugees as pakistan did to its hindus in 1947, and china did to the tibetans. so the sikh massacres went on unnoticed by the excellencies at the uno. the sikhs have finally realised that "god helps those who help themselves." ......................============== here are some goals thought of by the sikhs at last for their survival with dignity. if the uno are a decent body of democrats, they will pay attention to the genuine grievances of the sikhs in the decomposing india that is sinking in the political vacuum of its own creation. if the uno are a decent body of democrats, they will pay attention to the genuine grievances of the sikhs in the decomposing india that is sinking in the political vacuum of its own creation. sikh goals (note: the indian muslims attained their spectacular goal to establish pakistan with utmost ease in 1947). > (a) sikh homeland on the lines of muslim homelands viz pakistan and bangladesh and north kashmir. (b) release of sikh political prisoners ?no one should dare to put lions of punjab in cages. > (c) capital of punjab must shift from union territory without further delay.(rajiv-longowal accord was signed 21years ago). ????================= all the heads of states in european states and uno, please pay attention to east punjab and do something urgently to avoid more human suffering and loss of life. one cannot look up to the rulers of hindustan who are ?taly & isam? bent upon breaking the backbone of the hindus. .........................000000000

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