Date: 6/23/2005


WHEN GLORIOUS VICTORIOUS "PANTH" BECAME A "HERD OF CATTLE" (like the HINDUS). XXXXXXXXXXXX- Until the British appeared on the scene in our fragmented and decomposing Hindustan, the political evolution of our country had gone on according to the genius of the NATIVES. XXXXXXXXXXXXX The natives were Hindus, who had earlier eliminated all traces of Buddhism from their midst and then in turn went under the whip and sword of Islam. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX For eight long centuries the Hindus remained slaves and saw a transformation of their genes, character, personality and mentality to survive in the climate of extreme persecution. They were forcibly converted and ordered to pay Jazia tax and surrender any female the forefathers of "Taliban" demanded. XXXXXXXXXXXXX They were ordered not to wear white shirt, ride a horse or build temples. Most temples were razed to ground and the Hindus were openly spat upon. XXXXXXXXXXXXX Totally demoralised and defenceless they accepted their fate in the end under a Muslim emperor called Bahadur Shah Zafar. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX However, given the nature of Hindustan, it was not all a level ground for the brutal rulers who did not even spare holy men like Guru Arjun Dev ji and Guru Tegh Bahadur nor small children. Such brutalities invited strong resistance and retaliation. XXXXXXXXXXXXX Any resistance and retaliation, however, remained regional. There was no all-India revolt against the rule of the emperor, a rule that was based on Sharia. XXXXXXXXXXXXX Notable among those who showed guts and courage to stand up, and, above all, could UNITE, were the Marathas, Rajputs and the SIKHS. XXXXXXXXXXXX These communities had a goal. It was FREEDOM. The idea was a magnet that attracted their youth. They FOUGHT and thus created regional autonomy for themselves. XXXXXXXXXXXX The rest of the vast Hindu world remained in the stinking cesspit of slavery without cherishing any goal. XXXXXXXXXXXX Like maggots, they got used to the stink of slavery and had NO "dream" or vision. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The British were superior to all the natives and thus could conquer the whole of India, to bring it under one law. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Regional variations were suppressed and all were condemned to one status, slaves. There was hardly any large scale revolt or stir under their Imperial Boot. XXXXXXXXXXXX During the two World Wars, the Indian colony provided countless young men as soldiers to fight all over the globe for the King and his country. XXXXXXXXXXXX Then came the fateful year of 1947. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX It was a horrendous year in which everything was turned upside down for the natives before the British left. XXXXXXXXXXX The Hindus had ZERO sense of patriotism, having entrusted the defence of territory and daughters to the "ABDUL KALAMS" AS TODAY. Remember the last Mogul Emperor, who was banished from Delhi by the British, was a MUSLIM, Bahadur Shah Zafar, under whose flag the HINDUS, notably the Marathas, had risen against the British. Had that MUTINY succeeded, the Hindus would again have been under the ISLAMIC rule across India. XXXXXXXXXXXX In 1947 only the Muslims and the Sikhs had some TERRITORIAL sense. It was most notable among the MUSLIMS who at once demanded full sovereignty wherever they were in a majority. Their biggest ally was the KORAN in which treatment of the HINDUS (Kafirs) is most clearly spelt out. XXXXXXXXXXXXX The warrior Sikhs who had an Empire until 1849 could be duped, confused and fooled by the leaders of Congress Party. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Sri Guru Granth Sahib is divine and God's message of goodwill for all mankind but it has NO guidance whatsoever on preventing onslaughts on the collective Sikh BODY like those of 1947 and 1984. XXXXXXXXXXXXX By "Qudrat" de sab bandeh" it removes the distinction from our minds between friend and FOE. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX To understand this language of "sugar and honey" we have to cast our minds to the dark era in which it was composed. It was the utmost cruel Mogul (ISLAMIC) Raj and we know the fate of the Guru ji who composed it. Thus in such terrible times, the "Dhur ki Baani" simply had to be non differential, all embracing and "sugar and honey", not to invite any retribution from the State. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thus while the Hindus were no more than a "herd of cattle", unable to proceed beyond the empty sloganeering, "Akhand Bharat, Amar Rahe!", the Muslims gave great force and urgency to their demamnd by launching two horrendous MASSACRES, one in the East and one in the West of India. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Their UNITY across the whole of India was; proven beyond doubt. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Sikh Sangats and even the Hindu "jagat" have remained ignorant of the brutal and savage massacres to which the Hindus were subjected in NOAKHALI district of Bengal in August 1946, and to which the SIKHS were subjected in RAWALPINDI district in March 1947. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Since history is being rewritten now by Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam, we advise the wide awake Sikhs to FIND OUT what happened in those two districts at that time. These two "EXPLOSIONS" were a pointer to what was about to HIT Hindustan HARD within a short time. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Within a short time Hindustan was HIT HARD by the equivalent to ONE HUNDRED ATOM BOMBS on ONE day and FIVE of her provinces disappeared overnight from the map of India. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The Sikhs paid a horrendous price for not detaching themselves from the "dhunn" or chant of "Qudrat de sab bandeh". XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Cities with their hustle and bustle and sound of "kirtan", as large as Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi became INFERNOS in 1947. XXXXXXXXXXXXX Mass evacuation took place in utmost panic and fright with millions on the road from places as far afield as Sargodha, Sialkot, Lyallpur, Jehlum, Gujranwala, Gujarkhan, Norowal, Raiwind, Khanewal, Mailsi, Sheikhupura, Jarhanwala and Jhang, all heading for the newly created border. There was no food or water or medical care for the MILLIONS as they walked, marched, ran or moved on for days. XXXXXXXXXXXX Since All India Congress Party was the "party of partition" they deleted the word "PARTITION" from the Constitution as well as from the nation's vocabulary. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX On that issue, we had to ignore the "Will of Hindu Jackals" and carried out an independent sturdy of the FATE OF SIKHS AT PARTITION and brought out its IMPLICATIONS in the open for all to see. XXXXXXXXXXXXX Sadly we did not have the leadership of the calibre like the MUSLIMS, far seeing like the BRITISH, but joined hands with the devious, compromising, conceding, vanishing and subservient coolie world of the HINDUS. XXXXXXXXXXXXX Our chief negotiator Baldev Singh went to sit in the lap of his mentor, JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, the most devious and treacherous character in Indian history, who offered his MOTHERLAND India as a "prostitute" to his own friend called Jinnah while betraying his own nation and country. XXXXXXXXXXXXX Nehru laid down NO condition upon the enemy for accepting PARTITION and he demanded NO referendum to give voice to his own people, Sikhs included. To him they were all a "herd of cattle." XXXXXXXXXXXXX Even today, 60 years on, we see the entire HINDU nation rushing out to SONIA from ITALY, like the dumb cattle who rush out to the farmer holding green grass in his hands. XXXXXXXXXXX We saw the state of Bandit NEHRU'S nation in total disarray. Newly born PAKISTAN invaded KASHMIR within weeks of its birth, a feat of courage and aggression that is beyond our imagination. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Her aggression paid off handsomely. The nose of the defeated and reduced bleeding India was rubbed in muck once again, and the nation's genes further deteriorated and damaged. The new ratio of Hindu Muslim status was confirmed. As a result India not only ordered her advancing forces to retreat and declared cease fire, but also accepted the occupation of North Kashmir by Pakistan. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX A further fall out from nation's deteriorated genes was the Hindu stalwarts declaring, "We accept Partition. It is history now," and granting prompt Independence to EAST Bengal again after capturing it in 1972. General Jagjit Singh Aurora's victory has been downplayed by India. There ought to have been a Memorial to him in Delhi like the one of Admiral Nelson in London. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Brainwashed Hindu morons of Bharat who call him "Hero of Bangladesh" do not reflect on his present status, as an Indian, in their new ISLAMIC Constituton. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Still, all this ESCAPED from the dulled and de-sensitised brains of Sikhs (as well as Hindus) and life goes on as normal in PARTITIONED Indian Secular State (P.I.S.S.) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Now something amazing is coming to light. The Sikh stir while the Hindu world lies collapsed at the feet of ITALIAN BORN Sonia and their MUSLIM President Abdul Kalam, begging of BOTH to rule them, defend them and save them. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX To see the latter's real "constitutional status" one ought to read the "ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947." But that ACT is totally ignored due to the reason we saw above, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX The INDIAN MUSLIMS have established their superiority over the Hindus by capturing five provinces to establish Pakistan and then invading Kashmir and holding on to it. The shock waves in the Hindu psyche are very deep. XXXXXXXXXXXXX Thus the manipulated and stunned HINDU world is like the criminal with blackened face, riding a donkey facing backwards, while the SIKH is left to his own fate in the doldrums called HINDUSTAN MINUS FIVE STATES and asked to love it. XXXXXXXXXXXXX How wonderful for the pioneers like Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, to wake us all up. His call to DIGNITY is becoming OUR call to Independence, and we will get it sooner or later while all the Jai Chands, stabbing Prithvi Raj in the back, are playing their treacherous role. XXXXXXXXXX Today's Jai Chands and Gangu Brahmin are playing in the hands of the enemies of Sikh "Panth" without the least idea of the NATURE, IDENTITY and INTENTIONS of the rulers. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX To spell out for them, Bandit Nehru, the Imperial stooge, who divided INDIA between him and his good friend Mohammed Ali Jinnah, wished to control, subjugate and rule his "coolie colony" (world's largest "herd of animals"), for ever. He told them, we are secular and a democracy. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX His words had to be challenged then and there by Sikh leaders, "What Secularism if you cannot defend it? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX "What Secularism in Amritsar if it is zero in Lahore? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX "What democracy if you are grooming your own daughter for your job? XXXXXXXXXXXXX "We expected you to negotiate Independence from the British, not to surrender our Lahore and even Sri Nankana Sahib." XXXXXXXXXX Sadly we had no such leader. And we don't have one even today. So the small stir given by Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale in the collective sleeping Sikh body was gift or God, a promise of our survival. XXXXXXXXXXXX Those who are advising the Sikhs to spread out in Hindustan and do well in life, do not bother to find out who the RULERS are, what their INTENTIONS are, and how they wish to RULE India in the future. They do not even foresee the civil war that is imminent. XXXXXXXXXXXX To spell it out for them, "if you think of religion, then we Sikhs are zero while the Indian Muslim rules EAST Bengal and West Punjab and Kashmir, too, and our man from EAST Punjab is confined to Union Territory." XXXXXXXXXXXXXX To spell it out to them, "Nehru learnt his stagecraft from Marshal Stalin who ruled his Soviet Empire with an iron hand and a much centralised grip on nation." XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The DIFFERENCE is that while Stalin's daughter is not ruling Russia now, Bandit Nehru's FOURTH generation is holding India in terror. There are more "Foundations" set up under a Gandhi name than for all our warriors and gurus put together. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The DIFFERENCE is that while all the FREE world united to finish off Stalin and his Empire, the UNO is silent and blind over Rule of Terror by corrupt Dynasty in decomposing Broken Bharat. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX The DIFFERENCE is that while Soviet Union has given birth to many new SOVEREIGN republics like Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia, all the Indian states are the keenest volunteers for perpetual SLAVERY because they have DETERIORATED INFERIOR Hindu genes. XXXXXXXX Look at Gujarat, twice the size of Austria, and look at Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, each twice the size of Spain or Portugal, and look at U.P,, half the size of European Union, and look at EAST Punjab, still larger and more populous than Slovakia, all under the foot of First Lady called SONIA KHAN. XXXXXXXXXX The DIFFERENCE is that while NO Pole or Portuguese can come to England to serve as a Governor, police inspector or a town clerk anywhere, our Maharashtra must accept a MUSLIM Governor from Bihar or Karnataka and our Sikh State must have a Governor who is CATHOLIC, and from some distant country called Karnataka or Kerala. XXXXXXXXXXX The DIFFERENCE is that our eyes have been gouged out and our brains DULLED to such an extent that our slavery back home seems to be normal, totally acceptable. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX A Sikh young man in EAST Punjab demanding FREEDOM from Union Territory is labelled a terrorist and shot dead with impunity. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Where are the Rajputs today? They are all wearing glass bangles and accept ITALIAN BORN CATHOLIC First Lady as their own "mother". XXXXXXXXXXXXX Where are the Marathas? Today they are all quite reconciled to a tolerant "Mogul" sitting on the throne of Hindustan in Delhi. They even expect Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam to defend Kashmir, defend their TERRITORY and defend their daughters. XXXXXXXXXXXXX Where are the Jains and the peace loving Buddhists in India? They are so gentle that even to REMOVE Congress of Sonia and Abdul Kalam by vote will be an act of violence for them. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Where are the Hindus? Collectively speaking they are an earthworm. If you cut off the TAIL (East Bengal), it keeps on moving. You cut off the HEAD (West Punjab and North Kashmir), it grows another head on the tail end and starts moving. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX That's where the HINDUS are, doing puja and worship, praying for the good of all including Man from Mecca and Woman from Italy. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Now where do we want the SIKHS to be tomorrow? Today they are in the stinking cesspit of Hindustan where half the cabinet ministers are CRIMINALS and their MAFIA BOSS, Rajiv KHAN, son of Feroze Khan, is notorious as BOFORS CHOR. XXXXXXXXXXXXX Do we wish the Sikhs to spread out into such a Hindustan before securing their homeland? Very soon all Sikhi will EVAPORATE if we do that. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX If there is no Khalistan, then we SIKHS will be beaten up, sooner or later, like the INDIANS of Uganda and Fiji, and will be exterminated like the HINDUS of North Kashmir and degraded like the HINDUS of East Bengal. XXXXXXXXXXXXX In times of peril, we need to speak up boldly. We don't have an Institute of IDEOLOGY yet but only Sri Guru Granth Sahib to "guide" us through the political hostile territory and the ideological jungles where the enemy seems a friend. XXXXXXXXXXXXX It is a very IGNORANT Sikh, indeed, who still does NOT know that Hindustan will defend Sri Amritsar as she "defended" LAHORE. XXXXXXXXXXXX It is the foremost task, even primary challenge, of the SIKH LEADERS to remove this IGNORANCE from the Sikh masses. It is no good keeping the AWARENESS within a few heads only, but it must SPREAD IT OUT widely across the entire Sikh world including those confined to ONE fragment of what was the Land of FIVE Fragmenets (Punjab), not so long ago, and being ruled from Union Territory. XXXXXXXXXXXX No Muslim was hurt in Hindustan after they captured one third of her overnight. And NO Musim was touched after EAST Bengal declared itself ISLAMIC REPUBLIC. And NO Muslim was beaten up anywhere in Hindustan when all the Hindus were not only beaten up soundly in South Kashmir in 1989 but also EXPELLED by terror. So anyone blackmailing the Sikhs due to Khalistan, needs to be reminded of his status in Lahore and also in Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi. Any human "herd of cattle" forced to live under ONE Dynasty for six decades in 21st century, has every rigiht to break free and go for SOVEREIGNTY. XXXXXXXXXXXX Lacking originality and initiatives, we could, at least, copy the Indian Muslims who could foresee their fate in Hindustan in 1947, what we are still trying our utmost to make the Sikhs realise. XXXXXXXXXXXX One day very soon, the temporary bright lights of today will go out in Hindustan, and then we can expect to meet the Maker in the manner of Banda Singh Bahadur, Guru Arjun Dev, Guru Tegh Bahadur and all the victims of Operation Blue Star. XXXXXXXXXX There was NO UNO then to save us in West Punjab, and there will be NO UNO to save us in East Punjab. XXXXXXXXXXXX IT IS AMAZING, THAT WE FAIL TO SEE THE VAST SEA OF TERRIFIED ENSLAVED HINDUS IN THE BACKGROUND WHEN GURU TEGH BAHADUR WAS BEHEADED IN PUBLIC IN DELHI IN 1675. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX IT IS AMAZING THAT WE FAIL TO SEE THE VAST HINDU WORLD WATCHING HELPLESSLY LIKE EUNUCHS WHEN LAHORE AND DHAKA WERE TAKEN OUT OF HINDUSTAN ON ONE DAY IN 1947. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX IT IS EVEN MORE AMAZING THAT THE VAST HINDU WORLD WAS BRAINWASHED, DEMORALISED AND MANIPULATED SO EASILY BY THE RULERS OF INDIA IN 1984 TO "GO ALONG" WITH, EVEN APPROVE OF, THE COWARDLY INVASION OF EAST PUNJAB AND THE SAVAGE MILITARY ATTACK ON GOLDEN TEMPLE. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX IT IS UNBELIEVABLE THAT A BRAVE COMMUNITY LIKE THE SIKHS COULD BE SO FOOLISH AS TO FEEL SAFE WHILE LIVING IN THE MIDDLE OF SUCH A SMASHED AND CRASHED DECOMPOSING "HINDU WORLD" IN WHICH THE HINDU HAS BECOME EXTINCT IN NORTH AND SOUTH KASHMIR, AND IS A "NIGGER" IN SINDH AND EAST BENGAL, WHILE GIVING THE TWO TOP POSTS TO NON HINDUS, ONE TO A CATHOLIC (SONIA KHAN FROM ITALY) AND THE OTHER TO A MOHAMMEDAN (ABDUL KALAM). XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX IT IS DISGUSTINGLY PREPOSTEROUS THAT THE SIKH MASSES STILL HOPE TO BE SAFE IN SOUTH ASIA IN THE FUTURE WHEN THE HINDU INDIA HAS ALREADY BECOME A "PROSTITUTE", ENRICHING THE FEMALE PIMP FROM ITALY (SONIA) AND SERVING THE MAN FROM ISLAM (ABDUL KALAM). ............................000000000