Date: 6/23/2005


http://www.tribuneindia.com/2005/20050623/aplus.htm/// Master Tara Singh’s belongings gather dust, as city commemorates his birth anniversary on June 24/// The sword that caught the attention of the world before Partition of the country is gathering dust in the house of Master Tara Singh (Masterji), who had occupied the centre-stage of the Sikh politics for more than five decades. /// --------------------- It is most tragic to read that the Sword that should be kept in NATIONAL MUSEUM OF PARTITIONED INDIA with great pride, is now gathering dust. /// Congress (ITALY & ISLAM) is pushing the HINDU/Sikh valour into backyard of history and PARITTION into oblivion. /// Only DEAD nations glorify the foreigners while neglecting own heroes. /// We may remind the nation that it was Master Tara Singh who showed exemplary COURAGE AND PATRIOTISM to tear up the obscene and PROVOCATIVE PAKI flag flying on the PUNJAB LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY BUILDING in LAHORE ON 3 March 1947. The whole of Hindustan watched STUNNED at such act of courage and PATRIOTISM./// While tearing the MOHAMMEDAN flag to shreds he declared, "AKHAND BHARAT AMAR RAHE!" /// Let us not learn our own history from Congress bandits, thugs, mafia and bofors chors./// We understand that new books for school children by RAJIV Khan and Sonia Khan are going to be a compulsory reading for all students in Bharat. /// Will this TRASH have any mention of heroism of Master Tara Singh or Netaji Subhash Bose and how many paragraphs will these have on Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Guru Gobind Singhji?/// Let us wake up, and SMASH this House of Falsehood that has intimidated and subjugated the brave HINDU nation since PARTITION. /// IN COOLIE COLONY OF HINDUSTAN THERE IS EVERY MEMORIAL TO LOAFERS, THUGS, "BASTARDS & BITCHES" BELONGING TO CONGRESS PARTY. IT IS TIME TO SMASH THEIR FOUNDATIONS AND "SAMADHIS" (OF "BAPU", INDIRA NAD RAJIV), AND TURN THEM INTO INSTITUTIONS OF TRUE HINDU VALOUR AND VICTORY. /// ..........................000000000