Anti-Terrorism Declining Fast

Date: 6/25/2005


WHEN THE TERRORISTS STRUCK INDIA WITH THE BIGGEST ISLAMIC SWORD IMAGINABLE, CUTTING OFF ONE THIRD OF ITS TERRITORY AND DELIVERING ITS NON MUSLIMS TO THEIR FATE, THE WORLD DID NOT EVEN NOTICE THE TRAGEDY OF MANKIND. /// BUT WHEN THE SAME DEVIL STRUCK AMERICA, SUDDENLY THERE WAS A JOLT. THERE WAS A LOT OF REACTION AND CALLS FOR HITTING MOHAMMED HARD IN KABUL. /// BUT WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW? WHILE THE FLAME AND INSTIGATION OF KORAN IS ALIVE, THE FREE SECULAR SPIRIT IS ON THE WANE. /// COWARDLY INDIA FORGOT HER OWN MUTILATION WITHIN A SECOND WHEN THE ENEMY OF THE NATION, PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU SPOKE OF GLOW OF INDEPENDENCE, NOW THE WEST, TOO, IS FORGETTING THAT ATTACK OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. /// ============================/// /// Anti-Terrorism Declining Fast /// Posted June 24, 2005 /// 12:00 AM GMT /// Copyright 2005 The Anti-Terrorism Coalition /// Over the course of the past half year, the ATC has become alarmed about the very speedy decline of cyber anti-terrorism. According to the ATC's Leadership, if this decline continues, then by mid-2006 there will be about as many anti-terrorists as there were before 9/11. /// After Islamic terrorists attacked the United States on September 11, 2001, killing over three thousand Americans, the American people awoke to the world around them and realized the threat that terrorists posed. This led many to the internet with the hope that they could confront terrorists online. However, as time went by, some people began to forget what had happened and they began to leave the internet and the cause of anti-terrorism. "When a massive attack on any nation occurs, most people realize the threat posed by the attackers and their allies and they understand that they too must take action. However, as time goes by, many of us began to soften up and leave the fight. Back in 2001 and 2002, the internet was full of anti-terrorism. Now, it is becoming more and more scarce here and that is only because many people have grown soft and have again fallen asleep. It is a pity that these people don't realize that the terrorist threat is not at all gone. Just the fact that the American-Mexican border is so badly patroled that nearly a million illegals get through every year (not to mention that ten percent of them aren't even Mexican) should make every American think twice before they say the threat is lower. We are up against a cowardly enemy that knows that if even all of their troops fight like real men, they will lose. Hence, they use guerilla tactics as well as other barbaric means of fighting. Thus, this war is not just something that the army or the government can fight: We Americans and others who love freedom can all do something against this savage enemy. Giving up because of frustration or laziness is not an option," stated ATC General Advisor Robert Johnson. /// In 2001 and 2002, the internet was indeed full of anti-terrorists, but even by early 2003, a decrease began to occur. This can be explained by the suspected cyber-Islamic-terrorist attacks on the StopIslam and IslamExposed websites in late 2002 and early 2003. The ATC, which went up only in April 2003, gained a lot of support, but still, many anti-terrorists began to leave the internet and fell back asleep into their own peaceful world, which is; however, no longer extant in these troublesome times. Some decreases in anti-terrorism were directly connected to cyber-terrorist attacks either on the ATC or other anti-terrorist organizations. Thus, frustration, fear, or simply laziness to rebuild may have been causes to the loss of so many anti-terrorists. Every day, more and more anti-terrorists continue to leave the internet, and these days it appears that the main reason is that many think they're either powerless, or they're simply "too lazy" to fight the enemy anymore. However, there remains a handful of anti-terrorists that is not going anywhere no matter what they say. Among them are the ATC's current leaders. While one is currently rumored to have plans to leave the ATC this summer, he too plans to combat cyber-Islamic-terrorism, "but in a non-public way." Several other ATC-allies also have plans to stay for good, or at least in one way or another. ATC President Benyamin B, General Advisor Robert Johnson, Intelligence Advisor Henry Stein, and Advocacy Advisor James Churchill are among several ATC High-Ranking Members and Leaders that have pledged to stay in the fight for good (in one way or another). However, these brave and determined anti-terrorists are just part of a handful of anti-terrorists online who indeed do plan to fight anti-terrorism until terrorism is no more. /// Unfortunately, too many people are leaving the internet, which for a countless time proves that history always repeats itself. "First someone gets attacked and then they understand they need to defend themselves. If the attack is not 'big enough', the people only understand that need for sometime, but only when the attack is very 'big' does anyone join the fight and fight until they win and even after they do win, they quickly soften up and fall asleep, not realizing that they have let down their guard and sooner or later, another enemy will show up. An example of this is Post-WWII Europe; just look at it now. We; however, have to realize that 9/11 was almost certainly not the last time that we will be attacked by Islamic terrorists, or even more specifically, Al-Qaeda itself. With current border security, I for one would be surprised if Al-Qaeda has not been able to smuggle in suitcase nukes or other weapons of mass destruction via the American-Mexican border, or even the American-Canadian border (which also needs much better security). Port security is also bad and the public's understanding of Islam is very very bad. They only hear what bias media tells them, but they don't hear what the Koran itself says or what the Imams preach in Mosques or what is preached in Islamic private schools, even inside the United States itself. Islam is by far not a religion of peace and until we understand that fact alone, we are in grave danger. This is why we need to be seeing exponential increases in anti-terrorism online. People have to realize that they can make a difference and by giving up, they are only aiding the terrorists, both symbolically and tactically. This needs to stop now because this war is far from being over. Even now most of us do not see the big picture and who really has been directly at war with us for not just the last four years, but for more than a decade. In any war, victory can only be achieved by advancing, not retreating, and definetly not by surrendering," stated ATC General Advisor Robert Johnson. /// At the same time, terrorists online are regrouping, using newer tactics, and gaining new technological capabilities by the day, adds the ATC Leadership. For example, while Western Webhosts are slowly becoming increasingly aware of terrorist websites, forums, or eGroups that they may host (and while they do have a long way to go), many new hosting companies are being opened up in Islamic countries, especially Malaysia and these hosts are not only hard to police, but their owners are often terrorist sympathizers themselves. With the governments of all Islamic countries (except Iraq and Afghanistan) sympathizing and harboring terrorists, there is absolutely no chance that these hosts will be forced to take down terrorist websites or that these hosts will themselves be shut down. In addition, terrorists are becoming increasingly aware of the talented and intelligent handful of anti-terrorists online, causing them to be more cautious. As time goes by, more and more terrorists are joining the cyber-terrorist front, while more and more anti-terrorists are leaving the cyber anti-terrorist front by the day. "This is truely alarming to us all and if this does not stop and if we don't get back more people, we'll simply be outnumbered. Sure the few of us will be around, but we are only a handful and without greater support, we will not be able to continue to cause as much damage to the enemy as we have before. Too many people must think that this handful of maybe one hundred experienced, intelligent, and determined individuals can do all the fighting for them. In every war, if there are those who believe that others will do the job for them, that war is lost. This is a war everyone, believe it or not and you have all been called up to defend your freedoms and your's as well as your country's security. There is an undeclared war being waged upon us by a larger group of people than ever before, yet most of us have not risen up to defend ourselves from this savage and barbaric enemy. If you do not want to accept your country's silent call for its defense, you are a coward! If you love freedom, then you will return to the cause of anti-terrorism or you will join it now. And to my fellow Americans, I add that no true American ever retreats or surrenders! May God Bless America and God Bless the free!" stated ATC President Benyamin B. /// Copyright 2005 The Anti-Terrorism Coalition. All rights reserved. /// ..........................000000000