Date: 7/1/2005


IN INDIA SELECTED ASSASSINATINS BY MUSLIM TERRORISTS IA AN ONGOING MATTER. THE NEWS IS TAKEN LIGHTLY AS A LOCAL INCIDENT AND IS SOON FORGOTTEN BY ALL. /// The most recdent murder of the Hindu Makkal Katchi top leader in South India, will also be forgotten within a few days. /// In a message dated 01/07/2005 07:10:30 GMT Daylight Time, xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:/// today it is the leaders tommorrow it will be ordinary hindus the civil war is around the corner /// ========== /// This is called SELECTED ASSASSINATION./// Is anyone, any HINDU organisation, keeping a record of all these "selected assassiantions" that have been going on, NON STOP, in our HINDUSTHAN since the arrival of the first MOHAMMED in 712 AD? /// Obviously not. Otherwise we would have seen all the names PUBLISHED like the six million names and addresses of the Jews murdered during World War 2. /// Any HINDU who raises his head for Hindutva, is BEHEADED. /// Any HINDU who speaks of Sri Ram Temple, is to be GUNNED DOWN. (The fate of Karsewaks in 1993! /// There is NO memorial to them on the spot like the one of "BOFORS CHOR" Loafer Rajiv Khan. The nation of ONE BILLION has hown NO guts or courage to erect the statue of that Tamil "goddess" who despatched the "Bastard" to HELL on May 21, 1991. The nation of "EUNUCHS" has elected his son, Rahul, to Parliament on "sympathy vote" and is waiting for him to impose his future wife from the "drugs, crime and Mafia infested" COLOMBIA on our Hindu children and on our Hindu nation as yet another "Rashtramata", as if the "White Elephant" from Italy is not enough to lead our Prime Minister by the ear! /// No HINDU leader seems horrified at the prospect of having to touch the feet of this new COLOMBIAN import who is more devout ROMAN CATHOLIC than the Pope himself, and is coming to BHARAT like Columbus to KILL or CONVERT. /// The prospect of seeing the HINDUS confined to "reservations" doesn't seem to perturb any Hindu leader in PARTITIONED India today. /// Any HINDU and SIKH who spoke for "Akhand Bharat" BEFORE the illegitimate birth of the "Bastard State" of Pakistan, was ASSASSINATED. (the well-known assassination in City of BHAGAT PRAHLAD, MULTAN, on March 5, 1947). /// Any HINDU who wishes to replace Sonia KHAN as the President of All India Congress Party will DIE OF "HEART ATTACK". /// Any HINDU who wishes to plead with MOHAMMED, will be POISONED (Lal Bahadur Shastri). /// THE LIST IS LONG. /// Which MAJORITY community in any country on earth is so TERRIFIED of the DEVIL as to vote an ABDUL KALAM as its Supreme Commander? /// Which MAJORITY community is so TERRIFIED of the DEVIL that it calls the unconditional surrender of ONE THIRD of its surface area as "history", and is not willing to tell the children the TRUTH about PARTITION? /// Which MAJORITY community, having got rid of the British has gone right under the FOOT of Italy and Islam once again, voluntarily? /// Which MAJORITY community pays taxes to subsidise the HAJJ travel to its own sworn ENEMY who come back with recharged Islamic zeal and enthusiasm to kill or conver even more (Hindu) Infidels? /// Which MAJORITY community is embracing the DEVIL who wishes to hoist his provocative ARABIAN flag over DELHI after flying it over LAHORE and Sri Nankana Sahib? /// Which MAJORITY community, like a donkey, carries the back-breaking burden of a Dynasty that scorns and loathes the word "HINDU"? /// Which MAJORITY community accepts a Constitution written up by a member of minority community (BANDIT Nehru, son of a Musalman BEIMAN, Shaitan, Haiwan, chose BUDDHIST Ambedkar, not a Hindu, to write PARTITIONED India's Constitution that does NOT mention "AKHAND BHARAT" after conceding PAKISTAN most willingly, without referendum, challenge, condition or fight). /// Which MAJORITY community begs of their own ideological ENEMY to become Prime Minister? /// Which MAJORITY community tolerates FOUR generations of their own ENEMY in the top posts in their country? /// Which MAJORITY community does not dare to erect and raise MEMORIALS to their own dead for FEAR of annoying the enemy? /// (This week the British celebrated Nelson's Victory in 1805 AD with a spectacular show at Portsmouth with the French ships taking part! The Allies celebrate victory over Germany and Japan with German and Japanese LEADERS present at ceremonies. America commemorates the Dead of Pearl Harbour with the Japanese ambassador present! But the HINDUS cannot even dare to celebrate flying of BHAGWA over KHYBER by a Sikh General of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's invincible Army!) /// Which MAJORITY community has FAILED to raise the profile and status of their own national language? (One ought to see the status of the LITHUANIAN language in their country! It is the biggest binding force and source of UNITY and STRENGTH against the Russian, German and English speaking FOE. We are as much "true" to our Hindi language as we are to the memory of our surrendered North Kashmir, LAHORE and CHITTAGONG). /// Which MAJORITY community has FAILED to recapture its lost territory and FAILED to recover our adbucted HINDU daughters, sisters and mothers? /// Which MAJORITY community has been beaten up and thrashed soundly ON ITS OWN TERRITORY like the HINDUS of South Kashmir? /// Which MAJORITY community has the MOST USELESS, GUTLESS AND SPINELESS leaders like the HINDUS in BROKEN BHARAT? /// To sum up, the writer above is quite right when he says, /// "today it is the leaders tomorrow it will be ordinary hindus the civil war is around the corner." /// And we add, Which MAJORITY community has a RASHTRAPATI who is secretly, at heart, so pleased with every HINDU killed or murdered that he does not rush to the spot where Hindu blood is shed? (The "SON OF A MOHAMMED" is NOT a Hindu himself, to be able to "relate" to his vast MAJORITY community under his foot and looking up to him for protection!) /// ....................000000000