Date: 7/6/2005


Bharat J. Gajjar/// Hockessin, DE 19707-1611 /// /// July 6, 2005 /// IN 1947, SUPPOSE NO PARTITION OF INDIA HAD HAPPENED /// The British put pressure on Mahatma Gandhi and Pundit Nehru to accept the partition of India, as they wanted to divide India and wanted to keep India from becoming strong. /// The English came to India to earn money and to loot. It turned out even better for them to capture India because it was divided. Right after World War II in 1947, India had changed from an Asset to a Liability for the British and quitting India became the necessity. Suppose the Indian leaders had not agreed to split India, the British could not have ruled very long because the world was changing. Before the partition Mahatma Gandhi requested Nehru to make Jinnah the first Prime Minister of Joint India, which Nehru disagreed on because he wanted to be the first Prime Minister of India. He wanted it so badly that he agreed to divide India. /// Now the secular congress agreed to split India on religious ground. What kind of secular people are these? Congress believes in Democracy, did they ask the people of India if they wanted the partition? /// President Regan was given credit for collapsing Communism he declared in Germany “Gorbach please breakdown the wall.” Soon after the wall was broken. Russia had almost collapsed on it’s own at that time. It didn’t happen because Regan said so. Here’s an analogy, if a man is dying and I say, “Lord, please take him away, he is suffering,” then he dies in a few days. Then I take the credit and say, “God took him away because I asked him to.” /// I’m not denying that many Indian’s and mostly Hindus fought and some died fighting for Independence, however, the English empire didn’t leave India because people fought non-violently. There time had come to an end. /// India gave Pakistan away. At that time 20% of Pakistan was Hindu and now there is only 1% left. Hundreds of people were killed and many came to India to live. It looks like Muslims cannot live with anybody. First they kicked out all the Hindus, second, they are trying to kick out all the Shiet Muslims of Pakistan who are the minority. Now they want to grab Cashmere after getting rid of all the Hindus in Cashmere. One prediction is that in 50 years the Hindus will be the minority in India. I wonder what will happen to the Hindus at that time. /// All Indians dream is to have Akhandbharat, one day the walls that separate India and it’s people will dissolve and India will be a truly united country. May God Bless Hindustan. /// Bharat J. Gajjar /// ...........................000000000