Date: 7/7/2005


From: "jan ray"/// Subject: Purity of Language. /// > There is problems with Indians because of slave and servant mentality that they cannot speak in one language and none of your journalist is capabale of speaking in one given language is a matter of shame for 1000 million Indians./// > What is your national language? /// > You are ashamed of it which is clear from mixed language used by your > journalists./// > I have asked the scholars of languages they tell me that Indian languages > are very rich , Hindi and all other languages of India are very rich but Indians have no pride in their own languages, dress, traditions, heritage, civilization and natve religions because of Slavery since 8th century until 15 08 . 1947 and unfortunately they are suffering from poison put in education system by Lord Maculay inthe 19 th century which is the root cause of ills and evils in India./// > All the male journalists look like Brown Englishmen./// > What is the language certificate for your tv ?/// > Use one language otherwise you cannot stand with pride with English, > Germans, French,Japanease and Russians./// > jan ray > /// ..........................000000000