Date: 7/7/2005


Indias independence is due to Adolf Hitler, who pithed England and england could not hold India and many other countries./// It is wrong that MDKC or Moti-jawahar or VBP or GBP or any one else could have gotten freedom. The cruel clutches of British empire needed to be broken to break the shakels and fetters and it is Germany that did it.Yes, those quinteplet learnt the tricks of trade of ruling illiterate poor masses. Literacy of India at 1947 was 29% and Gandhi-Nehru-Patel all were educated in UK. /// After it is nepotism, corruption, greed and cliches used by them. Today, Gandhi-Patel-Morarjis Gujrat is doing the best in India, even though it boarders with Pakistan. And Punjab is without any Industry and human genocide of Punjabis by central government has made it helpless. Literacy has gone down./// /// True that two Pothohari Punjabis (Ik Gujral & MM Singh) became PMs, but neither could get elected to Parliament. Punjabis are so smart that they are opposing Punjabi CM. And wish to make a demonstrations against him in UK. What a shame? /// .....................000000000