America , Fight Back Against Islamic Propaganda

Date: 7/7/2005


America , Fight Back Against Islamic Propaganda By Barbara J. Stock As Senator Dick Durbin’s hollow non-apology continues to ring in our ears and Senator Ted Kennedy’s braying, “ Iraq is an abysmal failure…,” is replayed daily, is it any wonder that Islamic groups gain in boldness and confidence? Once again, an Islamic publication called “The Party for Islamic Renewal” has published an editorial that smelled up my e-mail box from the second it arrived. In this editorial, by someone apparently afraid to put his name on it, the writer protects himself even more by planting the word “alleged” before everything he says because he knows everything he is saying is a lie. At least he is smart enough to try to avoid being sued. I feel that it is my duty to inform Americans of what Muslims are being force-fed by the terrorists who “fight with a pen instead of a gun.” These terrorists are dangerous because they keep the hatred and fighting going with their constant flow of lies and distortions. Just a few weeks ago, I read a claim by an Islamic columnist who stated that it was the Americans doing all the slaughtering in Iraq . From an Islamic point of view, Muslims slaughtering Muslims was difficult to explain. Many Muslims were starting to ask questions. This was not good public relations for Islam. Islamic writers had to devise a strategy that would not only be believed by ignorant Muslims but would have the duel purpose of enraging them. So this week’s offering by some Islamic hiding behind his computer is this: “It’s the Jews!” The author claims, “It is alleged that hundreds of Zionists Mossad agents of (the) Israeli army and (an) International “elimination squad” in American uniforms are taking part in the massacre.” The author also states that Islamic terrorists or “so-called al Qaeda” have nothing to do with any of the butchering of Iraqi civilians. The claim is that Arabic speaking Mossad agents have been inserted into Iraq and Afghanistan because they are so good at killing the helpless. With a few words, this Islamic writer absolved Islam of all wrongdoing. But it gets better. This amazingly creative writer claims sex-starved American soldiers are rampaging across both Iraq and Afghanistan raping every woman they find. Day and night, all American soldiers do is hunt down Muslim women to rape. The editorial says, “Sex starved American beasts even raided the wedding party to abduct Muslim women. Sex hungry American Marines went into villages even at broad daylight to ‘get the ration.’ (women)” The editorial continues by stating that if the men tried to stand up the “beastly American rapist thugs,” they were slaughtered. The unidentified writer of this piece of trash goes on to declare that attempts were made to bring in shiploads of women just to try and satisfy the unquenchable thirst that American troops have for sex. This writer claims that no honorable Islamic country would allow it, but states that if American troops can’t get to a Muslim woman, they attack their own female soldiers. The mystery writer goes on to claim that even the wives of the regiment leaders are raped by these uncontrollable animals. This is a quite a feat considering no American wives are in Iraq and even the generals must leave the wives at home. If one studies Islam, it becomes apparent very early in the studies that sex is something Islamics don’t know how to deal with. Muslims are obsessed with sex. It is said that Muslim women are covered from head to toe because of respect for their dignity. However, if they appear uncovered, Muslim men seem to become so excited that they can’t control themselves. If an uncovered Muslim woman is raped, it is considered her fault because she was asking to be raped. Incest is reported to be a large problem in strict Islamic countries since frustrated young men turn on their sisters or cousins because they are not even allowed to see a woman outside the family. The female family members who are attacked have no recourse because they must produce three male witnesses to the attack or face being stoned. Using sex and the “alleged” rape of Muslim women by raging American troops is a powerful propaganda tool for the Islamics. Nothing will enrage moderate Muslims faster than believing that innocent Muslim women are being ravaged by infidels. It doesn’t take much to turn a peaceful Muslim into a raging terrorist. That is the goal of this propaganda. The editorial writer summarizes by stating that the White House will not decide when the ruthless slaughter of innocent Iraqis will end but that Tel-Aviv will decide. This is the second ingredient needed to enrage Muslims: drag the Jews into the fray. Islam has long blamed the Jews for all Muslim failings. Many Muslims believe that there are 200 million illiterate Arab Muslims because of the Jews. They say that Muslims live in poverty because of the Jews and America is under the control of Israel . The fact that none of these accusations can be proven is never addressed by Islamics. So, to summarize the radical Islamic point of view, the Jews do the killing and the Americans just rape everything female that moves. Apparently forgetting that many statements in this diatribe were prefaced with “alleged,” the writer ends his unsubstantiated pack of lies with, “And this is the truth.” If it is the truth, why does he try to protect himself with the word “alleged”? Why does he not put his name on this editorial? If it is there, I could not find it. This man is inciting hatred and anger based on his own made-up accusations, and he knows this. But he also knows that many Muslims who read this tripe will believe it. Put this writer’s lies with the words of our own liberal senators and what you have is a strong recruiting tool for Islam. Perhaps we Americans should demand proof of this man’s accusations. The editor-in-chief of this web paper, “Party for Islamic Renewal,” is Barrister Ali Muhammad Azhar and the e-mail address is: Contact this man and demand that he produce his references for this editorial or publicly retract it. It is time that America became pro-active against this slander. Let this man hear your voice demanding proof or a full retraction. Lies eventually become the truth when they are not challenged. (WE WILL REMOVE THIS SITE IF PROVEN WRONG) ( .....................000000000