Date: 7/8/2005


Please read the following article carefully and insist on a three child limit for high breeding communities in Bharat./// Its not a joke . /// Hindus have been driven out of Kashmir and Bangladesh and Afghanistan due to a high Muslim birth rate and Xtians out of Palestine and Iraq and Lebanon. /// ===============/// >>Excellent article above . However we Hindus have underestimated it . The European birth rate has now fallen to 1.2 children per woman , so whites will fall to less than one tenth of today's population . For example, every 20 years a woman who has just 1.2 children ie 0.6 girls so the number of girls falls as follows for every 100 women alive today100 , 60, 36, 20, 12 , 7 ie to less than a tenth of today's levels within a 100 year ! /// Thus Britain will fall from 50m to 4m !! . /// >India too will have a Muslim majority within 70 years and Israel itself in less than 50 yeaers. /// The time “T” that it will take for a Muslim population to overtake the Non Muslim one is easily calculated by the formula (proof at the end) /// >T= (log N/M)/ log(m/n) where N = non Muslim pop and n= non Muslim growth rate and M=current Muslim pop and m=current muslim growth rate so for India where Hindus at present outnumer Muslims sevenfold 980m to 140m but have half the growth rate (approx 1.4% vs 2.8%) T=(log980/140) /log(1.028/1.014) T=log7/log2 >T=0.84/0.3 =28 years >/// >Proof /// The pop of any group expanding at a rate of say n will grow by a factor of nexpT after a time period T , eg if the growth rate is 2% a year or 1.02 each year then after 40 years it grows to 1.02exp40 ie 2.2 fold , so if the original pop is 10m it grows to 10x2.2 = 22 m so let us say this final population is F //// F=N(nexpT) fpr non Muslims similarly for Muslims >F=M(mexpT) Muslims will equal non Muslims both are equal ie., N(nexpT)=M(mexpT) /// ie N/M= (mexpT)/(nexpT) taking logs log(N/M)=log(((mexpT)/(nexpT))) log(N/M)=log(mexpT) - log(nexpT) log(N/M)= Tlogm –Tlogn log(N/M) = Tlog(m/n) so T = log(N/M)/log(m/n) Most Europeand populations are falling but say for Norway assuming that the white pop is stable adn the Islamic one grows by a high birth rate and immigration by 7% a yearwe get /// T=log (5m/0.09) log(1.07/1) T=log55/log1.07 /// T=1.74/0.03 /// T=174/3 = 58 years from today /// Of course the white pop is declining so it will be less than 58 years and for Europe as a whole about 30 years or so from today !!! /// ============================ /// Dear HINDU brothers and sisters, IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP. /// WITH ONE THIRD OF BHARAT ALREADY GONE FROM OUR MAPS, LET US NOT SEE EVEN MORE TERRITORY SLIP AWAY FROM UNDER OUR FEET. /// ……………………….000000000