Date: 7/9/2005


WELL DONE, BRITAIN./// What the NRI's living in England saw on the morning of 7th July, 2005, was most tragic as well as impressive. /// Let us list some points that caught our special attention. /// 1. Police and emergency services seemed to be fully prepared. They had been rehearsing such a scenario for a long time. /// The MEDIA devoted all channels to the stories round the clock. /// Though all transport was taken out of service, people did not panic or become short tempered. Many thousands walked for miles at the end of the day to reach their homes. /// TV showed the victims telling the public how terrible the bombings had been. They also showed MUSLIM victims and their families condemning and cursing Muslim terrorism. How wonderful to see the Muslims condemning their own side in public? But we doubt whether the injuries of Muslims will prevent the DEVILS from repeating such barbaric atrocities on the innocent. /// Flags on official buildings and on Buckingham Palace flew half mast. /// The Queen visited the hospital to talk to the injured. I do not know when the President of India left his high pedestal to visit any hospital in Srinagar or Jammu. /// Prince Charles and his wife also visited a hospital. Do we know of any Gandhi "thug or crook" visiting a hospital to see the injured? /// Lists of the dead were quickly shown on national television. A hot telephone number was given out to the public. /// The Queen gave a special message that was broadcast on television and printed in all newspapers. /// The media and the authorities went out of their way to interview all the Muslim leaders and had them express great regret and severe condemnation of the attackers IN PUBLIC. /// Whether they spoke from heart is another matter and is left to your imagination. We have yet to see a Muslim say "sorry" for murder, rape and abduction of thousands of HINDUS before and since PARTITION and the massacre of some TWO MILLION at Partition. /// The world leaders attending the G8 Conference at Gleneagles in Scotland promptly gathered around Prime Minister Tony Blair and showed solidarity while he condemned the attacks and promised all action to catch the culprits. /// The media in the whole world gave lavish space to the attacks in London. In India the news of massacre of ONE HUNDRED pilgrims to Amarnath Cave in Kashmir one night hardly found a mention on front page of any newspaper. /// The British were reminded of sacrifices by their forefathers during World War 2 and thus encouraged to face adversity. /// Editors cried abuse in headlines on the following days: "Daily Star" had only one word headline on page 1: "BASTARDS", and wrote just under the title, "We will never let them win." /// The terrorist attacks were discussed in Parliament and members' speeches were shown on television to the whole world. /// The Prime Minister and several members of his cabinet spoke to the press. They took part in special discussion programmes on all channels of television. /// The government has decided to accelerate the issue of special electronic ID cards to help trace the illegal immigrants and the Islamic terrorists. /// A Family Centre was opened near Victoria Railway Station to offer 24 hour counselling to the victims and their relatives and friends. It is also serving as a "sanctuary" for those who have nowhere to go. /// These and many more steps taken by public, journalists and the rulers make Britain a FIRST CLASS country that is well led and where the people have full say as to who rules them. /// ...........................000000000