Date: 7/12/2005


LADY LONDON LOST HER VIRGINITY! /// Once in my multicultural, multiracial India, there lived an innocent girl who knew no evil. Though there was evil all over the world and terrible news was printed in every paper all the time, but she was not interested to read such trash. She remained ignorant. She remained naive. She remained vulnerable. /// Wherever she went, she got smiles and heard only praises and compliments. So she thought the world was really one loving family. /// Once in street she passed a "MUSLIM" who gave her unusually bigger smile and also offered a bar of chocolate and said softly, “You are beautiful, absolutely adorable. I wish to sleep with you. I wish to give you a baby.” /// That sweet sound mesmerised and charmed her. She didn’t mind at all finding him at the same spot at the same time every day when she went to shops. Once she thought that he followed her right up to her front door before turning away. /// That night she went to sleep with her window open. He crept in quietly and suddenly put his hand on her mouth. /// She was a virgin no more. That night her innocence was gone. /// The “Muslim”, whose Prophet encouraged his followers to seduce and “conquer” infidel females, allowing them to marry minor girls and keep up to four wives as well as females captured during a battle, did what came naturally to him, and let the whole world remember it for ever. /// Now let Britain cry as long as memory lasts. /// What is a rare, one off event in Britain, is happening in PARTITIONED India all the time. Who can arrest a Musalman (Muslim) there who, having captured Lahore and Karachi, now threatens to take away Kashmir, too? /// The top leadership of India calls Partition “history”, not to offend the arch enemy. Mr. Blair says, “Only a few are dangerous. The others believe in KORAN that is the book of peace.” /// The teacher who went into depression and lost her job blamed it on one impossible disruptive and abusive child. /// India was attacked only by a few who slaughtered two million infidels and occupied one third of her territory and we cannot call all of them traitors to their own motherland. Can we? /// Why should we build a memorial to recall the TWO MILLION they killed in cold blood if that will shame some but annoy most? /// Yes, Mr. Blair, you may still not have learnt your lesson and blame it on BNP (British National Party), but now you share the SHAME with weak India and strong America, of being ignorant and ATTACKED. /// Your history books have a new line added to them. /// Don’t blame the BNP. They did not produce the four suicide bombers of July 7, 2005, that paralysed London for a day and will agonise and worry the brave nation for many more days to come. /// One question for the prime minister: “Has this country seen a foreign invader like this on its soil since 1066 AD, that is such an EXPERT in CCS (Camauflage, Concealment and Surprise)?” /// ...............................000000000