Date: 7/15/2005


LOOK AT KORAN IN NEW LIGHT!//// A man kept a stack of dry hay. It was inert and harmless during the winter but in very hot summer self combustion occurred and it became a ball of fire in no time, destroying the barn, too. //// The cause? Dry hay exposed to sunrays. It would also have gone up in smoke had a miscreant thrown a lighted matchstick on it. //// Industrious but volatile Germans took on the ideology of NAZI Party. They were doing very well for themselves until Nature dropped a matchstick on them. It was called Adolf Hitler. The world saw 50 million killed within five years. The frontiers of Germany were much reduced with vast territories gone for ever. //// Now let us think of the large (and rapidly increasing) number of MUSLIMS in secular, tolerant and peace loving regions on earth like India (comprising 29 states), Europe (comprising 25 states) and the United States (comprising 54 states) while all the 52 ISLAMIC republics (including Pakistan, est. 1947, and Bangladesh, est. 1972) have already IMPOSED Sharia Law on their citizens by “gun or whip”. //// Implicit faith in the KORAN makes the Muslims the exact counterparts of NAZIS with their belief in “Mein Kampf” and faith in the “Fuehrer”, self-righteous, nurturing a strong feeling of grudge, sense of discrimination and separate identity, seething with discontentment and frustration in not seeing governments and communities buckle and bend before them, annually going to Mecca for “hajj” to reinforce their separatist ideology and spirit of Jihad, and the wish to put the whole world under Sharia Law. //// The matchstick that lit up in the haystack of India was called Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the leader of Indian Muslims in 1940’s and India has to surrender one third of her territory unconditionally on August 15, 1947 to escape the Wrath (HELL FIRE) of Allah. //// The matchstick that lit up in the affluent, tolerant and trusting United States was called Bin Laden and the two tall towers of WTC, the nerve centres of US economy, became a rubble of dust, smoke, blood and body parts within minutes on September 11, 2001. //// Tolerant, trusting and appeasing United Kingdom is now frantically searching for the JIHADI who came from abroad and lit the matchstick on July 7, 2006. //// But you cannot have eternal peace in your land (as well as in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan) unless you ban the KORAN as you banned The Book (“MEIN KAMPF”) in Germany. Otherwise the “peace” we have “bought” for the moment in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States, will NOT last for ever. //// Please tell the secular, democratic and peace loving peoples on earth to UNITE in the face of COMMON danger. Otherwise the turbulent, restless and volatile “Nation of Islam”, a nation within a nation, with strong internal invisible drives to expand, intimidate, terrify, subjugate, with the word “SHAHEED” (Martyr) in many names and “MOHAMMED” (the Field Marshal) in most, and with the inherent tendency and MOTIVATION to dominate the world, will win the WAR (Jihad) in the end. //// It’s no use saving the patients of malaria from death at enormous cost and effort if the stagnant ponds that breed the mosquitoes are not dried up. Please look at the Koran in that light. //// .......................000000000