Date: 7/16/2005


Namaskar Mitra,//// The Truth behind Article 370 by Arvind Lavakare. Have uploaded this book for your reading.//// A couple of weeks ago Arvindji was nice enough to present me with his latest work ‘The Truth About Article 370’. The book was an eye opener. Now I looked at the Art 370 issue rationally not emotionally as most of us do. I suggest that every keen student of Indian history reads this book. //// While I have reproduced the book verbatim on esamskriti, you have the option of buying one. If you live within Mumbai cost of book and courier charges is Rs 50/, if you live anywhere else within India cost of book + delivery charges is Rs 125/. If you live outside India then mail me location, will check courier cost and let you know the cost to you. You can pay cheque or demand draft in favor of Mail me ie Sanjeev Nayyar at for payment details. Read about Arvind Lavakare after the table. For your convenience I am reproducing the book index – //// Sr No Contents Page Nos//// I.//// Historical Background 7 //// 1.1 The Instrument of Accession 10 //// 1.2 Patel’s ‘basket of apples’ 11 //// 1.3 Article 306-A 14 //// II. Text of Article 370 21 //// III. Content Analysis 23//// IV. Article’s Effects 30 //// IV.1 Legislative Exceptions 31 //// IV.2 Constitutional Connections 34//// IV.3 Constitutional Exemptions 37//// IV.4 Constitutional Modifications 43 //// V. ‘Temporary’ vs. ‘Special’. 48 //// VI. Most Autonomous State 51//// VII. Most Pampered State 56 //// VIII. The Monster 59 //// IX. Two Irritants 64 //// X. Abrogation of Article 66 //// XI. Concluding Remarks 69 //// Appendix I – Signed Instrument of Accession 74 //// II – Matters for Dominion Legislature 76 //// III – Specimen Constitution Order 78 //// IV- The Delhi Agreement, 1952 80 //// V – Items excluded from Parliament’s Purview for Jammu & Kashmir 83 //// VI – Delink Jammu & Ladakh from Valley 87 //// VII – No point in keeping Ladakh as part of J &K 90 //// ‘Arvind Lavakare, 68, a post-graduate in Economics from Mumbai University, began service doing research on rural credit in Reserve Bank of India. A table tennis player of note in his teens and an accredited cricket empire in the city, he became popular as a sports freelancer from 1957 onwards besides doing regular sports programs on Akashwani and Doordarshan. Professionally qualified in Advertising and Public Relations, he served in various prominent companies before retiring in February 1997 as General Manager – Corporate Relations of Century Rayon. Thereafter, he took to political writing and has been a regular columnists for with Jammu & Kashmir being his forte. This book on article 370 is indicative of the analytical and studied approach he has brought to his writings all these years. He lives a retired life in Mumbai with his wife and son’s family. He can be reached on ‘ //// Share the Wealth, With Prem //// .........................000000000