Date: 7/17/2005


President George W. Bush,//// United States of America,//// Sir,//// Please give a lesson in democracy and rule of law to the Mr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India who is about to see you. //// We give below the the reasons why India ought to be REJECTED as permanent member of the SECURITY COUNCIL //// We ask, Sir, to deter the rapidly "decomposing & disintegrating" India with her alarming INTERNAL power vacuum, precarious social cohesion, fractured institutions, treacherous politicians, unscrupulous leaders and the intimidated or “banished” intelligentsia, from applying for a permanent seat at the Security Council. //// India's "man" or "woman" there will be the one chosen by ITALIAN born Sonia Gandhi, or President ABDUL KALAM, NOT by the PEOPLE of India who have little or no say to safeguard their destiny and interests. //// Like the notorious criminals Messrs. Jagdish Tytler and Laloo Prashad (both cabinet ministers in New Delhi), India's representative at Security Council will NOT be a "man, or woman of people"! //// How much do the TOP TWO of India, Sonia Gandhi and Abdul Kalam, one a CATHOLIC, the other a MUSLIM, "RELATE" to the native (spiritual) stock of India that is HINDU/SIKH, ought to be investigated. //// Security Council is the renowned international forum charged with ultimate security of the world. It is not a "theatre" or “circus”. The five permanent members are a result of historic reality of immediate POST WAR era. //// India's application for membership of Security Council was strong in the first 10 years after her PARTITION. By then she had not yet decomposed and degenerated to create the present political and ideological "cesspit" by chasing, arresting, torturing, "hunting" and killing all those tens of thousands of her own citizens who aspired to some freedoms in life including that of free broadcasting in their democracy. //// By now India is beyond recovery without a bloody revolution by the masses in which the rulers will meet the fate of Shah of Iran and President Ceausescu of Romania. //// All the current members of Security Council and the United Nations are aware of the alarming POWER VACUUM in India and know that if her "MAJORITY" community (the Hindus) fail to dominate their territory and differentiate between the native and the foreigner, then India will sink into a very bloody and unmanageable chaos very soon. //// Here are the reasons that India ought NOT to be invited to join the exclusive club. //// 1. All her neighbours are hostile if not outright enemies. They are BANGLADESH (her "rib" that became poisonous snake), PAKISTAN (that flew her separate flag in pools of blood, and has nuclear weapons to drop on Delhi), CHINA (contender of power in Asia) and also SRI LANKA where Rajiv Gandhi sent his troops to kill the Tamils of Indian origin who wanted some autonomy, comparing their status to that of sovereign East Timur. //// 2. The present frontiers of India were carved by "SWORD OF ISLAM" in 1947. The Muslims, who inflicted crushing defeat on the HINDUS in that year, are still all over in PARTITIONED India and dictate terms in the city of Ayodhya and Parliament in New Delhi. //// 3. There is extreme TENSION within India due to heavy military presence in "bleeding" Kashmir and uncertainty and unrest among the Sikhs in EAST Punjab. A future alliance between the Muslims and the Sikhs in this region can spell death of India in no time. //// 4. Kashmir is a festering wound that is bound to open up one day when time and circumstances are right for it. //// The Sikh struggle for independence is being ignored by a Government that was only too quick to grant full sovereignty to EAST Bengal in 1972. //// 5. India has a ridiculous identity if her most powerful woman is Italian born, and if her President is a Muslim who cannot be sure of his genuine constitutional status on account of Partition. //// 6. With PARTITION universally seen as "unfinished business", civil war between the Hindus and the Muslims is a foregone conclusion. It will not be a dignified spectacle for the world to see a permanent member of Security Council “on fire” or imploding in violence & bloodbath in the near future. In 1947 two million people were slaughtered in Hindu Muslim strife. //// 7. All the permanent members of Security Council are GENUINE democracies. In NOT ONE do we see the son or daughter of the prime minister being groomed to become Prime Minister by right of birth. India has FOURTH generation ruler from the same family. Pandit Nehru's chair came down automatically to his daughter Indira and then it went automatically to her son, Rajiv, and now the whole nation has begged of Sonia Gandhi to become their Prime Minister. It is due to her wise counsel that she has passed on the top executive chair to Manmohan Singh. As the world knows, the real mandate of Prime Minister rests with the ITALIAN born semi literate Sonia of unknown pedigree. Without genuine democracy and wide awake and well informed population, India is a mighty powder keg. //// 8. All the present members of Security Council are genuinely secular. Logic and common-sense dictate that India's secularism in Delhi must be "deceptive" if it is not valid in West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal. ///// 9. India's record on brutal REPRESSION of minorities and political opponents of the ruling dynasty is as savage as it was during the Middle Ages. The UNO will like to know why the Sikhs have been targeted and why the Kashmiris are denied the right of self determination when smaller countries like Estonia, Slovakia, Austria and Poland, even East Bengal, enjoy full independence. //// 10. In NO other member state do we see a sizeable number of REFUGEES who are part of the mainstream (majority) community. The United Nations know of the HINDU refugees from South Kashmir, languishing in refugee camps. This makes India a PARIAH state that cannot guarantee safety to her own citizens, leave aside the Indians living in other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uganda and Fiji. //// 11. Where do we find a State within a country as corrupt and lawless as BIHAR where local feudal lords are law unto themselves, where the prisoners’ eyes are gouged out and women prisoners raped by guards? //// 12. Where do we see the “Father of Nation” Mahatma Gandhi assassinated by one of his followers? Furthermore, in which other member state of Security Council were two consecutive Prime Ministers assassinated like Indira Gandhi and her son Rajiv Gandhi by their own citizens? //// 13. In which other country has the real winner of popular mandate to rule, passed on the mantle to somebody else as Sonia Gandhi has done to nominate Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister of India? //// How audacious of the Government of India, comprising corrupt politicians like Laloo Prashad and Jagdish Tytler in central cabinet, that cannot try Mr. Rajiv Gandhi for his Bofors commissions while applying for a permanent seat at the Security Council! ///// Both of these cabinet ministers in India, Laloo Prashad and Jagdish Tytler, ought to be arrested immediately and brought before the International Court of Justice at Hague to face trial- one for “fodder scam” and making his own wife the Chief Minister of Bihar, and the other for instigating murders of thousands of innocent Sikhs in Delhi in the wake of Indira Gandhi’s assassination on October 31, 1984. //// While her own people are too scared to ask questions, members of the present Security Council are reminded to uphold the dignity of their august body, muster courage and ask, “Why is Broadcasting still State controlled in India? Why can’t her citizens living abroad be granted dual nationality?” and “Why are freedom fighters called “terrorists”, arrested, tortured and killed in their thousands?” //// Members of the present Security Council and the United Nations will most certainly want to look closely at all these points before considering the unstable and internally fractured India for permanent chair at Security Council. //// India’s application ought only to be considered when she can manage INTERNAL cohesion like China and Germany, political unity as in the United Kingdom and the United States, a strong leader like Tony Blair and friendly neighbours all round like France. //// It may still be a century before the people of India can experience real democracy by casting off the crippling yoke of ONE dynasty ruling, controlling and brainwashing them since 1947.. //// Yours faifhfully, //// SIKH YOUTH INTERNATIONAL//// ENGLAND //// ==============//// July 17, 2005. ........................000000000