Date: 8/3/2005


Copy of letter to BBC. Dear BBC, an hour or so ago, at about 1705 hrs (Aug 2, 2005), one gentleman phoned in and complained about searches in public where he, due to his dark skin, is stopped and bothered by the police. He said that he has told his boss that he would not be carrying his lap top to job due to this nuisance by british police. I wish to REMIND him that being Indian, even if he said he is Christian, he ought to have welcomed the brave initiative of British police who stop and search all those who look like the Pakistanis. He ought to have known that in his own country, the HOME GROWN terrorists suddenly attacked savagely and viciously his secular India to break it up into three ugly fragments and then established their ISLAMIC republic of Pakistan. Does he wish the same fate for Britain from her own HOME GROWN terrorists, most of them have come from the same Pakistan that was nowhere to be seen in those GOOD OLD DAYS when the British were the rulers of India? Please tell this nation and all the Indian Christians living here to support the British police for the sake of their own safety and this country's survival. We do not wish to see Britain blown up, blasted or FRAGMENTED like India in 1947. Do we? After all, it is the SAME ISLAM, SAME KORAN and the SAME call to JEHAD that the Indians, including the Christians, see in their nightmares since 1947 (the year of BLOODY partition). Please CONGRATULATE the British police who despite the FLAK from all sides, especially from the "Muslim infested media" and our intimidated APPEASING cabinet ministers, are carrying out searches in streets to ensure the brave image of this nation. What the British Muslims want ultimately, is to replace Crown by Koran. And what they want in the meantime, is to detach an area in the North to designate it as ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF MANCHESTER. From there, they will expand and spread right down to Brighton where this country fought the battle of Hastings in 1066. Then the enemy was VISIBLE. akhand bharat. 2 August 2005. ...............................000000000