Hindu Rashtra of Gujarat

Date: 8/5/2005


August 5, 2005. ------------------ /// Will we ever see the following states come to life? /// Hindu Rashtra of Gujarat /// Hindu Rashtra of Tamil Nadu /// Hindu Rashtra of Bihar /// Hindu Rashtra of Maharashtra? /// Whether you are from Himachal Pradesh or Assam, Kerala or Bihar, Karnataka or Rajasthan, do you not wish to see your own State liberated from the pseudo-secular shackles and stangulating ropes of the "rascals" entrenched in Delhi? /// Do you not wish to see the man or woman from your own state sitting at the United Nations next to the man from Portugal and the woman from Austria? /// May be when the strangulating, crippling, Nehru Dynasty vanishes from AMETHI and DELHI with the passage of time. /// May be, when the shadow of their domination of Hindu public life, mind, and destiny lifts one day. /// Every Empire came to end. So will this, too. Under every Empire, common people suffered and were held back in their political awareness and development. The subjects of every Empire were only mental dwarfs, timid and subservient. Their mothers gradually became "Gandian Goats" with regard to Gaurav. (We see their "aulaad" saying, "Partition is history", and crying, "Hindu Muslim bhai bhai!") /// Every Empire makes sure that whatever happens, its permanent interests and strategic goals are not shifted. /// Accordingly, if the rulers of Bharat are secret allies of Islam, then North Kashmir will never come back to India, East Bengal will never accept Secularism of West Bengal and the capital of Punjab will always remain the Union Territory, not Lahore, and the Sikh with the painful memory of June 1984 and the Hindu with the painful awareness of ruins in Ayodhya, will never see eye to eye with each other. /// We will hear “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai” but never, “Hindu Sikh, or Hindu Hindu Bhai Bhai!” This would threaten the strategic goals of the Two ("Dog & Bitch") at Top, who are NOT Hindu but at best one is a Christian (secular for the time being) the other a Muslim (secular for the time being). /// Relentlessly pursuing their goal to keep the Hindus enslaved, DIVIDED, on the run, and brainwashed, they have created the Islamic Republic of Sindh, the Islamic Republic of West Punjab, the Islamic Republic of Baluchistan, the Islamic Republic of West Punjab, the Islamic Republic of NWFP, the Islamic Republic of EAST Bengal (Bogusdesh), and ALL PUT TOGETHER, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan within one life time, in fact, on ONE day (August 15, 1947). /// But mention Hindu Republic of U.P., and face the FIRING SQUAD or the GALLOWS. The Hindu is either dreaded or held in utmost contempt by the ruling establishment of India. /// Then we think of a similar political union of 25 states like that of the 29 states in Bharat. Here we have 25 states in European Union. Do they have a Constitution like India’s? Do they have prime ministers, one after the other, from ONE dynasty? /// Have they gone out of their way, PRESIDENT AND PEON ALIKE, to support a foreign Sadhu or Sanyasin like the Albanian Teresa in Hindusthan? /// Have they established “Foundations” in the name of members of ONE dynasty to siphon off the huge amounts from businessmen and firms to enrich these? /// Have they decided NOT to mention World War 2 that was started by the Germans who are now citizens of European Union like the British and the French? /// Have they decided NOT to celebrate the victories in 1919 and 1945? Do the rulers and ministers in EU frown upon native churches and avoid being seen in them? /// What about the 25 representatives from these European countries, including tiny Slovakia and Estonia, sitting proudly and independently at the United Nations in New York, compared to one pseudo-secular Salman Haidar, LM Singhvi (the unscrupulous servant of Sonia and her “BOFORS CHOR” enjoying extended tenures as high commissioner in London), PC Alexander, Shabana Azmi or any other “dog, bitch or stooge” of Dynasty sent to New York to represent our Hindu nation? /// What about internal security of EU (European Union) and IU (Indian Union)? /// Please spare a second’s thought for the manner in which the British police, and earlier the Spanish police, chased and hounded ISLAMIC terrorists who exploded bombs on trains, and compare them with the useless Indian police and security apparatus who let the ISLAMIC terrorists slip out of country or vanish in thin air within hours. /// In EU they could explode their ISLAMIC Bombs only on underground trains while in IU they shouted “Bismillah” and exploded bombs at Lok Sabha (Parliament), Ayodhya Temple Site and even in Bombay Stock Exchange, and do so on daily basis in broad daylight in South Kashmir. /// They spill Hindu blood by the gallon and then vanish, leaving the entire Hindu nation shocked, stunned and mentally paralysed, unable to eliminate the nepotism of one Dirty Dynasty on top that is also treacherous and thoroughly corrupt. /// In UK the mullahs and imams have advised their following to avoid being seen in Islamic dress, burqa and hijab, and move away quickly and stay indoors after returning from mosques. Many are thinking of emigrating to “soft targets” like porous Bharat while in Hindusthan they are forcing the Hindus, especially our girls, to stay indoors if they happen to be in Muslim localities. /// In UK they “stop and search” anyone looking like a Pakistani and in America they are two steps ahead and check their passports as if they were murderers on the run while in PARTITIONED India, the ministers, governors and politicians take joy in eating Iftar with our HOME GROWN TERRORISTS, and cultivate their MUSLIM vote banks. /// Oh! What a contrast between the two legged Hindu “voter”, the Sikh “nishkam sewak” who are fearing to be enslaved once again, and the two legged citizens of EU, who are looking ahead to safer, “terrorist free”, times! /// While our poor India cannot deal with them across the cease-fire line, UK and US have gone to the other end of the globe to destroy their bases in Ghazni, Kabul and Baghdad from where they invaded our soft Bharat decade after decade till all energy and spirit were sapped out, to notice and squeak that "after PARTITION, we needed a HINDU RASHTRA." /// We have now again created the PRE-PARTITION climate of political insecurity and instability in our country that was AKHAND till August 14, 1947 but never will be so again so long as we have an ANTI HINDU “sweet” Italian female and a soft spoken Muslim DECOY, bearing the proud ARABIC name, right ON TOP. /// So if we don’t mind seeing a Man from Slovakia and a Woman from France sitting at the United Nations, why not a MAN from East Punjab and a Woman from WEST Bengal sitting right there, next to them? /// Today the state of our Hindu Gaurav and Self-esteem has mentally pushed us DOWN to the lowest level that we cannot even all stand up together in order to construct the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, the visible symbol of our country after its despicable fragmentation in 1947, but see and say with the ease of breathing, “ISLAMIC” Republic of Bangladesh while AT THE SAME TIME suffering a heart attack on contemplating the "Hindu Republic of Uttar Pradesh" or “Hindu Rashtra” of Bharat. /// The dream of effectively dealing with the HOME GROWN TERRORISTS in India, to re-capture the lost (surrendered) territories, to send the bogus “Mother of India” back to Italy and the bogus “Father of Nation” to his homeland called Pakistan, has gone from the mind of each and every Shree Sant, Mahatma and Sadhu, Shree Shree Swami Narayan, Shree Shree Shree Sai Baba and Sri Sri Sri Sri Singh Sahib in the whole of Bharat. /// The aspiration to get back to Sri Nankana Sahib, Lahore and KHYBER has also gone out of the soul of SIKHS, now walking on earth like paper balloons. /// Under such despicable circumstances for the defeated and intimidated Indians (not much thought of in Uganda, Fiji and EAST Bengal) it is really high time to think of some urgent corrective measures. One is to DEMAND “AKHAND BHARAT” or “Hindu Rashtra” if our Lok Sabha of “rats and mice” accept & recognise ISLAM and MOHAMMED in the constitutions that are LAW in Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar and Dhaka. /// Our ancient and noble DELHI cannot remain a secular “Dog” under such circumstances. Can it? /// Any response to the above ought to be in the illumination of the following FACT: /// If we accept and recognise the sovereignty of Mohammed of Arabia and his Islam over Lahore (located in the BEST of India) while bending before bullies, then our Delhi (located in the REST of India) must be HINDU. /// We will not accept the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of Lahore, North Kashmir and the Rest of India due to any hammer of intimidation or device of brainwashing or the sharp Sword of Mohammed poised over Ayodhya. /// Our Hindustan (India or Bharat) can only develop and progress (and shine) like the tiny republics in the former Soviet Union AFTER the home grown terrorists are all eliminated or exterminated. /// ---------------------------- To accept Separatist Mohammed's provocative FLAG over Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Dhaka, Nankana Sahib and LAHORE today is to accept the same vulgarily, filth and OBSCENITY over Delhi tomorrow. ========================== /// .........................000000000