Date: 8/5/2005


August 1, 2005 /// Dear Editor, /// Please print the following message in your newspaper. Thank you. /// Many Responses to Suppose No Partition of India /// I recently wrote an article called “In 1947, Suppose No Partition of India” to which I received many responses. I was surprised how this issue is so prominent in the minds of Indian people. /// The essence of my article was The English came to India to earn money and to loot. It turned out even better for them to capture India because it was divided. Right after World War II in 1947, India had changed from an Asset to a Liability for the British and quitting India became the necessity. Suppose the Indian leaders had not agreed to split India, the British could not have ruled very long because the world was changing. Before the partition Mahatma Gandhi requested Nehru to make Jinnah the first Prime Minister of Joint India, which Nehru disagreed on because he wanted to be the first Prime Minister of India. He wanted it so badly that he agreed to divide India. /// Whether or not India was divided or not, the British would have left India anyway. /// One Bharatiya says: Without the Partition we would have Akhand Islamistan by now. /// Muslims have increased in numbers from 25% of south asia in 1947 to 31% today and heading for 38% by 2050. The Partition postponed Akhand Islamistan by 100 years. When we can’t handle the 13% Muslims in India now, how can we even dream of living with 30% Muslims /// Pakistan removed 70% of Muslims from residual India and reduced the number of non-Muslims trapped under Islamic rule from 64 million to just 16 million. The Partition liberated the Hindus and Sikhs of East Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Nizams Kingdom, Bhopal, /// West Bengal from Islamic rule. /// The land gained from the Nizams kingdom and other Nawabdoms within residual India was twice the area of Bangladesh /// Of course Hindus could have been smarter and grabbed a few more districts or done the /// population exchange demanded by Jinnah. /// While another Bharatiya writes: It seems it is very "chic" with the Hindus to live in fantasy land. /// 1. The British did not divide India -- Muslims did. 2. Had there been no partition, there would be no India today -- only Islamistan. 3. Not hundreds of people were killed -- lakhs -- 5 lakhs by conservative count -- the more accurate figure is 10 lakhs. There is a big difference between hundreds and lakhs -- I think. 4. Almost all of those who were not killed or converted came to India. 5. Nehru -- whatever his faults -- was far more practical than * Gandhi who wanted to make Jinnah PM. /// If the Muslims did not want the partition, the British could not have divided India at any cost. /// Instead of castigating the British or the Muslims, Hindus should be thankful to the Muslims for demanding the partition. It was sheer stupidity of Gandhi and Nehru not to insist on population exchange as Jinnah had once proposed, Ambedkar suggested and Patel was in favor. /// Another Bharatya says: I was opposed to the partition then and remain so even now! Hyderabad State was disintegrated in 1956 and I a Maharashtrian from the city of Hyderabad. I became a 'stateless' person in India until I came to USA and made this county my home. There are more Muslems in India now than Pakistan, most of them stayed but that did not happen to the Hindus of Pakistan, they just left. Now India has a problem with that minority! Just think what would have happened to USA if North and South were a divided country after the Civil War, South Africa would have been divided into 3 parts (a plan Nelson Mandela did not agree to). /// While Indians are having so many different thoughts the Dali Lama says,” That he believes that the partition of Bharat was a big mistake and an unforunate event. The success of Bharatiya secularism, evidenced by the fact that there are more Muslims in Bharat than in Pakistan, shows that the Bharatiya model is the best for the region. /// These are all just thoughts, we cannot change the past, we can just converse on what might have been. I believe that ife is karma running down. God must have some divine plan. /// Bharat J. Gajjar /// ........................000000000