Date: 8/6/2005


H.E. Mr. Kofi Annan Secretary General United Nations New York /// Your Excellency, /// Today (August 6, 2005) JAPAN officially paid homage to the 140,000 dead of Hiroshima who perished in the nuclear attack 60 years ago. /// By honouring her dead, the PEOPLE and GOVERNMENT of Japan have demonstrated their honour, character and SELF-ESTEEM. Thus in our eyes Japan deserves to become the permanent member of Security Council. /// May we draw your kind attention to the application from (Partitioned) INDIA, too, for a permanent seat at Security Council. /// Exactly two years later, she was going through an unprecedented bloodbath of horrendous magnitude due to merciless Islamic onslaught on her integrity and people by her own "HOME GROWN terrorists". /// As a result of that attack that was at least HALF A MILLION TIMES more destructive and murderous than the two nuclear bombs that fell on Japan in August 1945, more than TWO MILLION people perished and tens of millions were rendered homeless and destitute overnight. The rulers of India are determined to obliterate their memory for ever. /// Government of India has kept the lid of secrecy on the widespread massacres of 1947 in the most treacherous and despicable manner that is also unprecedented in the entire history of human race. /// We, the ONE BILLION people of India, enslaved, betrayed, intimidated, gaqged and insulted by the Government under the leadership of a MUSLIM man and an ITALIAN woman, wish to protest with utmost vehemence at the very idea of such a "reduced" India applying for permanent membership of the Security Council. /// Any vote cast at Security Council will not be in accordance with the wisdom of the PEOPLE of India but in accordance with the wishes of Mr. Abdul Kalam, the President, and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the so-called "Mother of India," who are both superficiallly imposed on the people of India. /// Such India has always voted at Security Council in the past in accordance with the wishes of Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and the international ISLAMIC Bloc. /// Such India is under the self inflicted death sentence in Kashmir where the once temporary "cease-fire line" of January 1948 quickly degenerated into "Line of Control" and has now become permanent frontier between two countries. /// In the case of INDIAN Muslims, the leaders of India conceded the right to secede in all Muslim majority areas, but in the case of Kashmir they are denying the same right to secede to the Muslims of Kashmir. /// Simply stated, India has let go of five state capitals but is determined to hold on to the capital of Kashmir till the day of doom. /// Herein lies the absurdity and illogic of her unconditionally surrendering Dhaka, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar and LAHORE to the indigenous Muslims while denying them Srinagar. Herein lies the root cause of future wars that will destroy DELHI eventually. /// Such India cannot be considered for a permanent seat at Security Council. /// India ought to be considered for a permanent seat only when she re-negotiates her bogus PARTITION (of 1947) and commemorates the Dead of 1947 in the manner of Japan today. /// B.R. K. Voice of the PEOPLE of India, gagged, intimidated, brainwashed and suppressed by NEHRU DYNASTY since August 15, 1947. ==========================/// "O Arjuna, take up arms to SLAY your own kith and kin who are in the wrong." /// ========================== ///NB: The above communication to the United Nations has the sanction of Sri Krishna, our Divine Avatara. A country that did not let the Hindus express their view on Partition through a referendum, and does not concede to the Hindus (MAJORITY community in India) their right to a decent TEMPLE in Ayodhya, is ruled by "DOGS AND BITCHES", that is, "MUSLIMS & ITALIANS". /// Let us TALK more openly about it to mobilise the masses. ---------------------------- /// To accept Separatist Mohammed's provocative FLAG over Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Dhaka, Nankana Sahib and LAHORE today is to accept the same vulgarily, filth and OBSCENITY over Delhi tomorrow. /// ========================== .............................000000000