Date: 8/7/2005


FROM CHANNEL 4 TV, GREAT BRITAIN./// Sarah Smith here - with some advance warning of what you can expect from the programme tonight/// Imprisoned in Pakistan/// ========================/// We have an exclusive story out of Pakistan tonight. The frightening tale of what happened to British citizen Tahir Shah when we went to meet some long lost cousins in Peshawar. He was arrested by military police because he was filming the family reunion and held blindfolded in a military prison for 16 days. Neither his family or the British consulate was informed of his capture or imprisonment. We only know about it because Tahir is the brother of the award winning journalist Saira Shah who used to work on Channel 4 News. How many more British citizens are, or have been, detained in this fashion while no one knows anything about it? /// New Terror Laws ================= /// I've been talking to the Lord Chancellor about the package of new anti-terrorism laws announced by the Prime Minister yesterday. Tony Blair said then "the rules of the game are changing". But why now? Surely we became acutely aware of the terror threat against us on 11th Sept 2001 - not the 7th of July 2005. So why is the government only moving to introduce this legislation now? Lord Faulkner explains why the government had to wait until after an attack to pass these new laws and who they are aimed at. /// And we'll have the latest on the race to try to save the Russian sailors trapped in their submarine. /// Sarah =///================ Terror suspects /// Yassin Omar has become the first person to be charged in connection with the failed July 21st bombings. He's accused of trying to detonate a bomb at Warren Street tube station. Other suspects are expected to be charged soon. /// But we don't know what's likely to happen to another terror suspect Haroon Rashid Aswat when he arrives back in Britain later today. He's a British citizen who's being deported from Zambia where he was arrested 3 weeks ago. /// We do know that the American authorities want to talk to him about claims he tried to set up a terror training camp in the US. But the British Police will not tell us what their interest in him is. There has been speculation the police here think he may have been connected to the July 7th bombings but Scotland Yard are being highly secretive about this particular suspect. /// Fifty-two people were killed in the four bombs which exploded in London on 7 July 2005. Click on the names below to read an obituary of each victim. They are grouped by the location of the blasts which claimed their lives. /// RUSSELL SQUARE /// James Adams Samantha Badham Philip Beer Anna Brandt Ciaran Cassidy Rachelle Chung For Yuen Elizabeth Daplyn /// Arthur Frederick Karolina Gluck Gamze Gunoral Lee Harris Ojara Ikeagwu Emily Jenkins Adrian Johnson /// Helen Jones Susan Levy Shelley Mather Michael Matsushita James Mayes Behnaz Mozakka Miheala Otto /// Atique Sharifi Ihab Slimane Christian Small Monika Suchocka Mala Trivedi /// TAVISTOCK SQUARE /// Anthony Fatayi-Williams Jamie Gordon Giles Hart Marie Hartley Miriam Hyman Shahara Islam Neetu Jain /// Sam Ly Shyanuja Parathasangary Anat Rosenberg Philip Russell William Wise Gladys Wundowa /// ALDGATE /// Lee Baisden Benedetta Ciaccia Richard Ellery Richard Gray Anne Moffat Fiona Stevenson Carrie Taylor /// EDGWARE ROAD /// Michael Brewster Jonathan Downey David Foulkes Colin Morley Jennifer Nicholson Laura Webb /// ===========/// For information of all./// For 52 dead on July 7, entire Britain is mobilised from A to Z. Let us see if Abdul Kalam, the Supreme Commander of India or anyone else, can recall the night in Jammu when 100 (ONE HUNDRED) "yatris" to Amarnath Cave were massacred during August a few years ago. /// How quickly were they "EVAPORATED" from the national memory! /// Earlier, in the same tradition of the Dishonourable Scum, the word "PARTITION" (unconditional surrender of one third of India to our HOME GROWN TERRORISTS) was never mentioned even once in the "glow of freedom" speech of "BANDIT" Jawaharlal Nehru within seconds of India gaining indepedence from Britain in 1947. /// By the way, has President Abdul Kalam or "Mother of Nation" Sonia Khan EVER uttered the vital word? So why is our HINDU nation feeding and fattening them at OUR cost? /// Where are all the Rajputs? (There is a good reason, as explained in a previous posting, for mentioning the RAJPUTS. The two Marathas acted patriotically on January 30, 1948, the two Sikhs courageously on October 31, 1084, and the lone Tamil "tigress" gloriously and conclusively on May 21, 1991.) /// ...............................000000000