Date: 8/8/2005


I am afraid, perhaps Manmohan Singh is playing the same game as KR Narayanan (former president). Perhaps very, very hindus knew KR Narayanan is a converted christian (whose wife was chairperson of Delhi's YWCA, Young Womens Christian Association). I learned it only a year before. /// If we look at the Congress/UPA government's Action Taken Report (ATR) on the Nanavati Commission recommendations, it puzzles us to belive Manmohan is still a sikh. He may be just fooling us all. To enjoy power and stay in power under Italian christian woman, he perhaps long before converted into christianism. Otherwise how can a sikh, esp. a PM who is a sikh, signed and aggreed with ATR which freed every criminals of Congress party who butchered over 3000 sikhs in Delhi, the heart of the nation? /// When the riots were on in 1984, the then President Gyani Zail Singh had expressed his helplessness to do anything as he felt his intervention could further aggravate the situation. But what compelled Dr Manmohan Singh to absolve everybody is very intriguing. /// Someone need to carryout thorough investigation on Manmohan Singh and his game. /// ...........................000000000