Date: 8/9/2005


http://www.tribuneindia.com/2005/20050809/edit.htm#1 /// Why no action? /// The guilty must be punished /// Twentyone long years after the 1984 riots only the statutory requirement of placing the Nanavati Commission report before Parliament within six months of its submission seems to have been fulfilled. The action taken report (ATR) has also been tabled — but without any action. Unfortunately justice still eludes the victims of the 1984 riots which remain a blot on India. Clearly, the government is determined to save the skin of some of its leading lights rather than taking action against them. The Nanavati Commission was expected to be more forthright than it has been, but at least it indicts Union Minister Jagdish Tytler saying there is “credible evidence” against him and that he had “very probably had a hand in organising attacks”. However, what it proposes has been disposed of by the government through the ATR which has strangely rejected the recommendation against Tytler, saying “it is clear from the remarks ‘very probably’ that the commission itself was not absolutely sure about his involvement in such attacks”. The commission has also pointed an accusing finger at Sajjan Kumar and H. K.L. Bhagat, but the government has chosen not to take action against them for unjustifiable reasons. Action may be taken against some small fries but the chances of their being duly punished are no brighter than that of removing poverty from India. Isn’t it time that the charade of ordering one commission after another is given a decent burial? /// The Congress may have succeeded in helping some of its leaders but has in the process compromised its credibility. Its secular credentials suffered a blow in 1984. It has been trying to retrieve its image after that; but its reluctance to punish the guilty can only bring condemnation for it. Opposition parties can be depended on to go to town over the issue. The BJP, which has been as callous as the Congress, has tied itself in knots over the Gujarat riots, but others like the Left and the Akalis will be fully justified in taking the government to task. That does not mean that they will really succeed. Over the years, most politicians have become immune to even meaningful criticism and have developed a thick skin which the truth cannot pierce. Still, the Congress’ silence on the 1984 riots issue will continue to haunt it for all times to come. It still owes an explanation to the riot victims as well as the nation. /// NO ACTION BECAUSE THE INFERIOR INDIAN COOLLIE RACE IS DUST, DIRT CHEAP AND SCUM OF MANKIND IN THE EYES OF THE INDIANS THEMSELVES. /// IS THERE A MEMORIAL TO THE TWO MILLION DEAD OF 1947? /// .......................000000000