Date: 8/9/2005


These days we hear a lot of "root causes" whenever a terrorist attack takes place. These voices will get shriller as the terrorists attacks peak up in the next few years./// The ironical alliance between Socialists and Muslims /// Those who lend the intellectual (theoretical) camouflage to the "Root Cause" exercise are the communists (socialists/leftists) whose pet theory of Government ownership of business has failed across the globe. Communism imploded due to its own dead weight. Nobody attacked the communist world. The subject- people overthrew the system, as it had failed to deliver the goods while exacting a heavy price in terms of loss of freedom under a totalitarian dispensation. The only positive fallout of Communism was that it subsumed religious fanaticism wherever it ruled. The only exception was Afghanistan where the forces of religious fanaticism defeated Communism, ironically with help from the free world which is today facing the Frankenstein monster it helped strengthen. /// The root cause of Muslim aggressiveness and criminal behavior /// But we need to realize that the Free World did not give birth to this Frankenstein. The right credit for this goes to the founder of this cult of murder - Prophet Mohammed-ibn- abdallah. The tradition of murder and mayhem ultimately originated in the murderous instincts of this one man. He taught the Arabs to kill their own fathers, brother children, if they did not accept the murderous cult that he preached. His paranoid hold on his followers was enforced at the pain of death. If any of his followers deviated from the paranoid path laid down by him, that deviant was to be done to death. This paranoia holds even to this day. If a Muslim gives up Islam, he has to be killed. This is the ultimate root cause of Muslim aggressiveness and criminal behavior all across the globe. /// To gain a following this devious and murderous person started with using psychological blackmail asking people to give up their religion and follow his murderous cult, if they wanted to save themselves from hell-fire. Using this subterfuge he gathered a band of desperadoes and to keep them together he made them raid the stragglers of passing caravans and told them that the loot was a gift from god for their having accepted his murderous cult. As his loot and murder campaign brought gains to his followers more criminals joined him to share in the loot. This was the birth of Islam - as organized brigandage held together by a psychological blackmail of hellfire for those who did not follow the cult of murder. The root cause for the caravans of the pre-Muslim Quraish to be attacked was that they were not ready to follow the murder cult. So the Quriash were at fault! /// Why Muslim youth are alienated today in the West /// This bandit prophet Mohammed also asked his followers to remain segregated from non- Muslims, as he did not want them to be influenced by right ideas and turn away from his murder cult. In the Quran he has written that Muslims should not take non-Muslims as their friends. This is the "root cause" why Muslims prefer to live in Ghettos in the West and is the reason for the much touted alienation of Muslim youth that lead to terrorism. The root cause for this is in Mohammed's injunction to Muslims not take non-Muslims as friends. /// Dawah (Dawaa) - A warning to give up or be attacked /// As the murder cult gained more criminals and others who were exasperated and gave up in desperation to accept Islam, the method of deception, subterfuge, false pretexts to attack others was developed. This was called Dawah or Dawaa. This was a warning given to other non-Muslims to accept Islam and be safe (apparently from Hell-fire) but actually to be safe from an attack from the Muslims. As many rejected this dawah, they were attacked. They included the Byzantines,>Persians,>Europeans over the next 14 centuries. /// For every unprovoked attack, an alibi or root cause was found out. This deviousness is at work today also when after 9/11 the US policy as regards Israel was cited as the root cause for the attack. Now with the London bombings, the root cause is the British involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. After the Madrid bombings, the root cause was the Spanish involvement in Iraq. The obnoxious subterfuge of root causes is given the intellectual camouflage by the communists, socialists, and leftists of various hues. They seek revenge against the free world for having helped the Muslims to topple the communist regime in Afghanistan. Te Free world led by the USA had the memories of Vietnam, where we had to retreat in face of a Communist (Viet Cong) attack. In the bargain, the common enemy of the communists, capitalists, workers, managers, et al. The Muslim are an enemy for all non-Muslim be they Jewish, Christian, Buddhists, Hindu, Animist, pagan or communist, capitalist, worker, manager, et al. /// But the irony of today is that the Communists and socialists although they know very well the threat that Islam represents, will not make common cause with the West and join hands with us to defeat the common enemy of civilization. /// It is we who have to do our bit by exposing the big lie behind the hoax of root causes, suffering poor Muslim which the Socialists would want us to believe. We should not allow them to pull wool over our eyes and over those of the world at large. If the Muslims succeed in this deception (taqiyya), it is civilization that will lose out. We need to realize the mass deception that goes under the cover of the slogan Root Cause of Islamic Terrorism and expose it for what it is - a camouflage to attack the free world. /// Story credits : /// ..........................000000000