Date: 8/10/2005


THE OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION OF RETALIATORY ANTI MUSLIM RIOTS IN GUJARAT AND VICIOUS GOVERNMENT INSTIGAGTED MASSACRES THROUGHOUT INDIA IN 1984: /// In the case of Gujrat the official media in India use the word Genocide. But in 84 the number of SIKH victims was a lot more. Riots is the most improper word to describe it. /// Massacre or Genocide- state sponsored- aree more suitable words and carry the magnitude and nature of happenings./// /// Respected Editor@Tribune, /// Thanks for writing an editorial on Genocide of Sikhs in November 1984. Please note that "RIOTS" is an incorrect description of the events. Genocide is the correct description. Please refer to Oxford dictionary for differentiation in Genocide and Riots. /// Having said that thanks once again for writing a bold editorial and shaming the ruling Congress party. /// ........................000000000