Date: 8/10/2005


Let us pay glowing tribute to this village (below) that our suppressed, betrayed, misruled and pacifist nation can be mighty proud of. These Hindu young men, boldly breaking away from despicable Gandhian tradition of "tyaag" (surrender and APPEASEMENT), are putting to SHAME another army of idle "eunuchs" called sadhus who, semi naked, ash on heads and bodies, roam the countryside of Bharat begging or receiving alms, light years away from sense of lethal dangers from Hindustan's HOME GROWN terrorists who have wiped their cowardly race and kind from Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Dhaka even Srinagar with not even a ripple in their psyche. This vast army of two million odd "sadhus and sants" are also light years away from that scene when Guru Gobind Singhji met one of them who was called BANDA BAIRAAGI in Maharashtra, and inspired him to drop his bowl, ash and beads, and take up arms in order to avenge the sad plight of Hindus in the North. What this one sadhu, called Banda BAIRAAGI, later Banda BAHADUR, did is the finest chapter in the heroic annals of Hindustan, then under too many Kalams, Khans, Pathans, Mohammeds and Alis, the lot, called the Moguls. The young men IN UNIFORM from this remote villate in Jammu are giving a clarion call to the rest of their kind, including all the sadhus, swamis, sants and NISHKAM SEWAKS, to proceed ONWARDS and RELENTLESSLY, in the defence of every inch of Bharat with the same pledge that Martyr (Mahaan Shaheed) Shri Nathu Ram Godse took before kissing the gallows in Ambala Jail under order of Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru. There is a lot of ground (SACRED DHARTI) still to be RECOVERED from all the bullying terrifying Mohammeds who are in illegal occupation of our territory (including the two holy spots called the Janmasthans at Sri Nankana Sahib and AYODHYA) that stretches from Karachi to Gilgit in the West and from Chittagong to Sylhet in the East. KURU ---------------------------- To accept Separatist Mohammed's provocative FLAG over Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Dhaka, Nankana Sahib and LAHORE today is to accept the same vulgarily, filth and OBSCENITY over Delhi tomorrow. ========================== In a message dated 10/08/2005 01:06:51 GMT Daylight Time, writes: Tribune A martial village M.L. Kak Jammu, August 9 It is a village with a difference. It has 90 per cent people serving in the armed forces. And the race for getting recruited in the Army is on from Gurha Slathia village, 30 km south of Jammu. Gurha Slathia, having a population of 10,000, is the only hamlet in India where 90 per cent persons have been and are in the Army. It is also the only village in the country where people feel proud of having two village officers holding the rank of Lieutenant-General: Anup Slathia and his brother Kuldeep Slathia. At present, 14 persons from the the village are Colonels in the Army and a number of people are Brigadiers with one of them expecting promotion to the rank of Major-General shortly. The martial trend in the village started in 1852 when its first soldier Inder Singh attained martyrdom while fighting a war. And the villagers have raised a huge war memorial on which the names of all those Army personnel who lost their lives in war or while fighting militants stand inscribed. The list is long as the period covered is from 1852 to 2003. Men of the armed forces drawn from Gurha Slathia had played a key role in pushing back Pakistani intruders from the Kargil heights in 1999. Gurha Slathia has more of an urban than rural look. Well-maintained roads and houses in the village are in contrast to the scene in the adjoining villages. Most of the households have two and four-wheelers and colour television sets with cable connections. A large number of people have cellphones and other luxuries of life. The villagers admit that the signs of prosperity are the result of "our services in the armed forces". Mr Druv Singh, Sarpanch of the village, said. "Whenever the next army recruitment drive begins, our village has the potential of sending 200 to 400 boys for jobs." He said, "Our village boys deserve preference as their ancestors and parents have rendered great service as members of the Indian armed forces." Mr Druv Singh, while pointing to the village area, said, "There is neither any industrial nor agriculture potential in our village. We all have and continue to depend on the armed forces." A large number of ex-servicemen in the village entertain visitors with sagas as of their chivalry. They hate remaining idle and hence some of them were seen playing chess or cards. Since most of the parents are keen to send their wards to the Army, they have been goading them to attend schools and go in for higher education which could enable them to get high ranks in the Army.