Date: 8/10/2005


ALLAH SAID, "DRIVE THEM OUT OF LAHORE," THEN HE SAW NAIL POLISH /// I just couldn't resist sharing this gem with you all, esp. the ladies!/// It appears like the good old Mo(MOHAMMED) besides tending to his sheep and his harem, had worked overtime to make sure that infidel giant corporations of the future (such as revlon) would not be able to get rich with muslim doe./// Arn't Muslim women probably the biggest consumers of nail polish and long/artificial nails? In Houston there are quite a few "Nail Salons" owned & operated by Paki women. here is what "islam" has to say about nail polish. Read on. /// From: [modern muslims Info] ///Nail Polish /// Ladies use nail polish so that they may look beautiful. But in fact, all types of nail polish destroy the natural beauty of the nails. Allah (SWT) has spread a net of small arteries under the nails. Blood circulates constantly in these arteries, giving the nails a red tint. But when the nail polish is coated on the nails for a long time, they become ugly, colorless and rough. Women are also very fond of growing their nails like the beasts. For this purpose, they seem ready to face every type of difficulty. Seeing their absurd eagerness, different companies are earning a lot. They are producing artificial nails of different colors, which are fixed on real nails. This practice does not befit a Muslim lady because the Holy Prophet (SAW) ordered us to remove the nails and said that cutting nails is one of ten natural things. To grow nails is not an Islamic practice; it has NOTHING to do with Islamic culture and civilization. A Physician of Medical Center New York University said, "The use of nail polish makes nails hard, and the remover makes them harder, and ultimately they become brittle." If blood circulation decreases, the nails become thin, ugly and yellow. The Holy Prophet (SAW) had counted the practice of cutting nails among the ten natural things. A Muslim MUST believe that blessing lies within the limits described by the Prophet (SAW) and no doubt blessing is there. Doctor Saeed Rana observes that germs seek a shelter in long nails and they get themselves mixed in water and other eatables. The nail polish remover destroys the surface of the nails as it removes thin shells from the nails. The shine or luster of the nails also goes and nails become colorless and rough. For How Long Have You Been Using Nail Polish? /// Many ladies suffer from different diseases simply because of using nail polish but they donít know the real cause of their disease and are moving from doctor to doctor in search of treatment. I would like to quote just one example which a physician, Tariq Mahmood Chughtai, narrated. The physician write, "Nails are also something living like a human body. They need fresh air, oxygen and water. If they experience pain, they whole body will show the signs and effects of this pain. A woman had boils on her hands. She was also experiencing horrible itch. She visited many doctors but the efforts of the doctors remained fruitless. At last she visited a skin specialist. After examining the patient, the doctor asked her for how long she was using nail polish on her nails. She replied that she was doing so for the last 5 years. She told the doctor that she was suffering from the disease for the last 5 years as well. The doctor advised her to stop using nail polish. He prescribed her some medicine and she was OK just within three weeks. Different colors have their own effects on human health. Nail polish plugs the pores of the nails and the chemicals it contains cause different diseases. /// ------------------------000000000