Date: 8/11/2005


Monday August 8, 11:52 PM /// Anti-Sikh riots inquiry suspects Tytler/// [Rajiv- This is just ANOTHER, and largest case of Indira's GUNDA SQUAD, that she created to rule the nation as break away faction of Congress. Power and Control, to make money. And once the nation is about to fold, they will just vanish to foreign countries with their hawala / hundi billions that they have already gathered in the different countries. Like Benajir Bhutto, Nawaj Sharif...our poor brethern in Pakistan are already facing the great mischiefs of Nehru, Gandhi, & Jinnah sahib.] /// [AFTER INDIA IS CLEAN WE WILL HAVE A INTERNATIONALLY MONITORED PLEBISCITE IN PAKISTAN TO SEE IF THEY WANT TO STAY A SEPARATE NATION OR WANT TO JOIN WITH INDIA; THEN LET US SEE WHAT THE PEOPLE SAY!!!] /// NEW DELHI (Reuters) - An inquiry into anti-Sikh riots that rocked the country two decades ago has said a minister in the Congress-led coalition, Jagdish Tytler, may have instigated rioters after then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was shot dead by her Sikh bodyguards. /// The inquiry report by retired judge G.T. Nanavati, tabled in parliament on Monday, was the first to name Congress leaders in connection with the bloody riots in 1984. The report asked the government to further investigate their role. /// Tytler, a junior minister in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government, rejected the report and denied his involvement in the riots, one of India's worst incidents of religious violence in which nearly 3,000 Sikhs were massacred. /// The government said since the Nanavati commission did not have conclusive evidence against Tytler, his prosecution could not be justified. /// But it said it would examine if action could be taken against another Congress leader, former lawmaker Dharam Das Shastri, also accused of instigating Congress activists. /// "The Commission considers it safe to record a finding that there is credible evidence against ... Jagdish Tytler to the effect that very probably he had a hand in organising attacks on Sikhs," the report said. /// "The Commission, therefore, recommends to the government to look into this aspect and take further action as may be found necessary," it said. /// The government says 2,733 people died in reprisal attacks on Sikhs after Indira Gandhi's assassination. Activists put the number at about 4,000. /// The assassination was in revenge for Gandhi's decision to send the army to flush Sikh separatists out of the Golden Temple in northern India, Sikhism's holiest shrine. /// Delhi's Sikhs bore the brunt of the riots and accuse the Congress party of setting them off, a charge it denies. /// About 600 cases of arson, killing and rioting were registered, but police closed half of them, ostensibly for lack of evidence. Around 10 people have been convicted of murder. /// The Nanavati commission, the 10th such inquiry into the riots, also said that Delhi police remained passive during the violence and did not protect Sikhs. /// "There was a colossal failure of maintenance of law and order ... the course of events do disclose that the attitude of the police force was callous," it said. /// Sikh groups said they were disappointed by the report. /// "Nanavati has not been able to give justice to the Sikhs," said Tarlochan Singh, head of the National Minorities Commission. "And the government is totally absolving all the real culprits". /// =================================== /// Monday August 8, 11:04 PM /// Government disappointed us, say Sikhs /// New Delhi, Aug 8 (IANS) With the G.T. Nanavati Commission report on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots tabled in the parliament Monday, most Sikhs believe the government has disappointed the community. /// "The government has made a mockery of the reports presented by nine different commissions set up by it over the last 21 years. There is no action against the culprits only because of political reasons," said author Patwant Singh. /// "Its one of the most reprehensible acts. How can the government ignore the sentiments of 20 million Sikhs for a couple political leaders?" Singh told IANS. /// Violence against Sikhs had erupted when then prime minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by two of her Sikh bodyguards Oct 31, 1984. About 2,700 people were killed and 2,800 others injured in carnage that Congress leaders have been accused of engineering. /// Singh said: "Where is the secular face of the Congress? What happened to those promises of justice for all communities? At least the party should respect the reports presented by honourable judges. /// "I am disappointed to see (Prime Minister) Manmohan Singh's government doing nothing. Our prime minister has disappointed us." /// Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee president Paramjit Singh Sarna said the government's action taken report, also tabled in parliament Monday, was "nothing but a shame". /// "The role of the government and its action taken report is nothing less than shameful. There is no justice for the families of innocent victims. Just give us justice," Sarna demanded. /// "We are disappointed not to see action against Congress leaders and police officials directly involved in the violence," he said. /// For those fighting for the victims, the wait was not worthwhile. /// "For how long will these innocents live in pain? There is no job, no compensation and finally no justice," said H.S. Pholka, the president of the All India Riot Victims Committee. "We are utterly disappointed." /// Jagdish Tytler, now a central minister, and Congress MP Sajjan Kumar are among those named in the Nanavati Commission's report for instigating mobs to avenge Indira Gandhi's killing. /// But the government said in its report Monday that it could not proceed against the leaders on the basis of a "probability" /// ======================== /// Nanavati report finds credible evidence against Tytler, Sajjan /// August 08, 2005 13:33 IST/// Last Updated: August 08, 2005 17:58 IST/// /// The G T Nanavati Commission, which probed the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, has said that there is "credible evidence" against now Union Minister Jagdish Tytler that he "very probably" had a hand in organising attacks on Sikhs, and recommended the government to take further action as may be found necessary. /// The Commission, in its report tabled in both Houses of Parliament on Monday along with the government's action taken report, also noted that "there was credible material" against Congress leaders Sajjan Kumar (now member of Parliament) and Balwan Khokhar that they were "probably involved as alleged by witnesses". /// However, the ATR observed that it was clear from the "very probably" against Tytler remark that the one-man panel itself was not absolutely sure about his involvement in the attacks. The ATR observed "it may be pointed out that in criminal cases, a person cannot be prosecuted simply on the basis of probability". /// The incidents regarding arson and looting in the riots that followed the assassination of Mrs Indira Gandhi in area under police station Bara Hindu Rao in the capital, burning of Gurdawara Pul Bangash and the killing of Thakur Singh and Badal Singh on October 31 and November 1, 1984, were investigated. /// The Commission, set up by the erstwhile Natonal Democratic Alliance government, also recommended the examination of only those cases where the witnesses had accused Congress leader Sajjan Kumar specifically. Yet, no chargesheets were filed against him and the cases were terminated as untraced, the Commission observed. /// Home Minister Shivraj Patil tabled the report in the Lok Sabha while Minister of State for Home Affairs S Reghupathy tabled it in the Rajya Sabha. /// Justice Nanavati interview/// Anti-Sikh riots: Justice Nanavati submits report /// With regard to Tytler's case, the ATR said on completion of investigation, nine challans were filed in which 14 persons were accused and ten were cited as prosecution witnesses. After completion of the trial, 13 of the accused persons were convicted and one was declared as proclaimed offender by the court. /// In another case, a court acquitted all 31 accused persons and Tytler was not named as an accused. /// "In view of the fact that the Commission itself is not certain that Tytler had a role in organising the attacks on Sikhs and in the context of judicial verdicts on the incidents mentioned in the Commission's report, any further action will not be justified," the ATR said. /// So far as the then Lt Governor P G Gavai was concerned, the report said the explanation given by him was "not satisfactory and does not convince the Commission in recording the finding that there was no lapse at his level. /// "Though he does not appear to have delayed taking of required actions, it does not appear to the Commission that he did not give as much importance to the law and order situation in Delhi as the situation demanded," the report said. /// It further said, "he (Gavai) was the person responsible for maintenance of law and order in Delhi and, therefore, he cannot escape the responsibility for its failure". /// The ATR observed that "the government had taken immediate administrative action. Gavai was replaced by M M K Wali as LG of Delhi on November 4, 1984". /// With regard to S C Tandon, who was then the police commissioner and was directly responsible for maintenance of law and order in Delhi, the Commission said, "it is no explanation to say that he was not properly informed by his subordinates. It was his duty and responsibility to remain aware of what was going on in Delhi during those days and to take prompt and effective steps. He should have known that the policemen on the spot were ineffective and despite the curfew, mobs indulging in violence were moving freely and were committing acts of looting and killing freely." /// The ATR said the government had taken serious note of the observations of the panel and would take necessary action to ensure better leadership qualities among senior officers. /// "Tandon was replaced on November 12, 1984 and he has since retired. As mentioned earlier, there are legal difficulties in taking departmental action against retired government servants," the ATR said, adding, "however, the government would examine this matter further in consultation with the Ministry of Law for appropriate action". /// The Commission agreed with the findings of Justice Mishra Commission as regards the "delay in calling the army" as also its recommendations for preventing the occurrence of such incidents again. The panel said it would, however, "like to recommend that such riots are kept under check and control and there should be an independent police force which is free from political influence and which is well equipped to take immediate and effective action." /// It maintained that the government should take steps at the earliest to see that all complaints were properly recorded and investigated by independent Investigating Officers. To this, the ATR said, "the government accepts these views of the Commission. Accordingly, state governments, union territory administrations and the Delhi police will be advised to take necessary action." /// Justice Nanavati interview Cabinet clears Nanavati commission report ============================== /// Prosecute the guilty: Left to Centre /// Press Trust of India /// Posted online: Tuesday, August 09, 2005 at 1423 hours IST Updated: Tuesday, August 09, 2005 at 1921 hours IST /// New Delhi, August 9: Key UPA allies, CPI-M and CPI, today asked the government to launch prosecution against those whose culpability has been indicated by the Nanavati Commission on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. /// "The CPI-M demands that the government act on the specific recommendations made by the Commission to proceed against certain persons named and to probe the involvement of others whose culpability has been indicated by the Commission", the party Polit Bureau said in a statement. /// In another statement, the CPI central secretariat also demanded that "wherever and against whomsoever the Commission speaks of 'credible evidence', prosecution should be launched". Both parties, however, did not name anyone. /// Observing that the Action Taken Report (ATR) of the government was "in all respects unsatisfactory and does not even treat the limited recommendations seriously", the CPI-M said the one-man panel has also "failed to do justice to the terms of reference" assigned to it. /// The Commission has "failed to fix responsibility for the failure to check the violence and pinpoint responsibility for the serious crimes, it said, adding that after 21 years and nine commissions and enquiry committees, "it is a dismal state of affairs that justice cannot be rendered to the thousands who suffered in the pogroms". /// ============================//// THE POLITICIANS, AND PARLIAMENTARIANS HAVE TOTALLY MADE A MOCKERY OF THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM IN INDIA, they have continued the tricks of the FIRANGEE to exploit the People and DIVIDE AND RULE. /// They can delay anything and keep laughing in their DOG GANG MEETINGS, while the Common Man Suffers. Judges, Witnesses, intimidation, forging documents, alibis, etc. is a well organized paralegal business in India. WHEN WE COME TO POWER WE WILL CLEAN ALL THAT UP, BY MAKING A WATER TIGHT SYSTEM. /// WHEN WE COME TO POWER, WE WILL HAVE SAJJAN KUMAR AND JAGDISH TYTLER HANGED./// TUM BINOO BHAIYA KO NAHI JAANTE HO.....OLD JUNGLE SAYING. /// JOIN THE GOOD PEOPLES PARTY OF INDIA, PROGRESS AND DEVELOPMENT PARTY / ACCHE LOGON KI PARTY- PRAGATI AVAM NIRMAAN DAL. /// BINOO BHAIYA / KALKI AVTAR -- /// Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh MBBS, MD, MIPHA, MISHA, MIAPSM /// .......................000000000