Date: 8/11/2005


Arrest of man-eater and thief Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi and APJ Abdul Kalam is the need of the hour. People of similar opinion may join Aryavrt. Apt. /// Yours faithfully, Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, Press Secretary, Government of Aryavrt /// Subject: Re: [proudHindu] Subramanian Swamy writes to Prime Minister ManmohanSingh /// Sorry, am unable to access the URL at the end. Can you give the date of this letter and an alternative URL/citation? Thanks. Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 10:48 PM/// Subject: [proudHindu] Subramanian Swamy writes to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh /// FYI. /// Subramanian Swamy writes to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh /// Dear Manmohan ji /// I write to enquire the basis on which the Government of India has chosen to declare a state mourning of three days for the Pope . If the State mourning is because he was a religious leader, then it would be ultra vires the Indian Constitution since in the Preamble itself it is declared that India’s is a Secular State. If on the other hand, it is viewed that Vatican is recognized a State mourning is for the Head of State, then two questions will rise (a) Will India declare a national mourning for every Head of state in the 188 odd countries who passes away ? (b) If Vatican is a State, how is it that three Indians holding Indian Citizenship can go to Vatican and vote for the new Pope , a Head of another State? (c) Is it not ridiculous and traversty that you have decided having two days of mourning with a break of one day followed by another day of mourning just to accommodated a visiting head of Government? /// You must be aware that Ireland which has nearly 92 percent of its population professing the Catholic faith, and France where Catholics constitutes 90 percent, both have not declared a State mourning for the Pope. In France, citizens objected even to lowering of the French flag to half-mast. In the US no school was closed for the passing way of the Pope. But in India, your Human Resources Ministry permitted Christian run schools to mandatorily close for three days just before examination study period. What is so compelling for India that for the sake of two percent of the population you as Prime Minister can throw to the winds the concept of secularism and bring the nation to utter ridicule, or is it that you had no say in the matter and as in most of the decisions of the government, it was taken by Ms. Sonia Gandhi on your behalf ? /// Best Regards /// Your’s Sincerely /// Subramanian Swamy/// http://www.rss.org/New_RSS/News/NewsDetail.jsp .........................000000000