Date: 8/12/2005


Time to take off the gloves and put on the brass knuckles in the fight against Islamic terror/// The liberals in America seem hell-bent on handing not only Iraq over to the Islamic terrorists, but America as well. We must be politically correct at all times, hurt no ones feelings, and never, ever, imply that terrorists are Muslims. We must remember at all times that Islam is a religion of "peace and love" even though one of its core beliefs is that Islam must dominate the world. If people do not accept this fate peacefully, that is considered a direct attack on Islam and force then becomes acceptable. The liberals in America don't understand this simple Islamic formula. /// Terrorists are "extremists" or "fundamentalists" or "radicals" but reminding Americans that 15 of the 19 men who crashed planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon nearly four years ago were Arab Muslims from Saudi Arabia would be unkind. The multitude of attacks on America and Americans by Muslims are just an aberration, a fluke. /// Even though the transit systems of any country are favored targets of these "extreme, radical, and only possibly Muslim" terrorists, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is howling that the random inspecting of backpacks is illegal. The actual targeting of someone sweating and wearing a winter coat in August who has dynamite dangling from his pants for inspection would be outrageous! You know terrorists have rights. It is their right to walk onto the subway and kill people. The ACLU says so. /// The Council on American/Islamic Relations (CAIR) is directing American Muslims to spread Islam across America so that when the time comes to replace our Constitution with the Quran, Americans will accept it without question. Is CAIR considered a radical group whose intentions are the overthrow of the American government? Of course not! Instead, it is catered to and its every whim and complaint is given full media attention. /// Al Qaeda is watching our news broadcasts. If the terrorists can kill 20 Marines in a week, they know that American liberals will invoke memories of Viet Nam and the terrorists will win in Iraq. All that is needed is patience. History has taught Islam that the Americans of today are weak. Americans will give up if they just keep placing the roadside bombs and kill a few soldiers every week. Islam could care less if it looses a thousand fighters a day. To the Islamic leaders, the loss of a fighter is nothing. They will just send ten to take his place. Life is cheap and means nothing to them. /// The aftermath of the American abandonment of the South Vietnamese is rarely mentioned in liberal circles. They don't want to speak of the millions dead because that would soil the liberal reputation of caring about the "little people." Nor do liberals care how many Iraqis would die if we abandon Iraq. When the killing begins, the likes of Senator Kennedy will blame it on Bush. /// What would be the repercussions of abandoning Iraq? It is highly doubtful that any liberal has considered the consequences of these "radical but only possibly Muslims" terrorists taking control of Iraq. Not only would Islam have total control of most of the Middle East, it would succeed in convincing any Muslim sitting on the fence that America is a weak and toothless has been. Let the attacks on the homeland begin! /// The liberal media pounds home on a daily basis how bad things are going in Iraq. Nothing good ever happens in Iraq. If more than two people group together in protest of the war they become a rally against the war. How the press must yearn for the good old days of Viet Nam when thousands marched and the American flag was burned. /// Americans should realize that there is no such thing as "moderate Muslims." Sadly, they just don't seem to exist. Muslims who witness the killing and say nothing are not moderate they are guilty by association. /// There are many Muslims who refuse to admit that the holocaust happened. There are many Muslims who believe all the suicide bombings are actually carried out by Jews to make Islam look bad. Almost all agree Israel must be destroyed and every Jew killed. /// The liberal media are right there beside these blind Muslims, declaring that only a handful of "radical" Muslims are dangerous. Yet, lurking in the minds of all Muslims seems to be the desire to help Islam achieve its ultimate goal of world domination. Whether this aid comes in the form of simply looking the other way or actually picking up a gun and killing someone, it is still assistance. /// This last week the media were orgasmic that an Islamic group calling itself the Fiqh Council of North America issued a "Fatwa" declaring that attacks on civilians are against Islam. This is ludicrous. Who are these people? Do they represent American Muslims? Do they represent Muslims anywhere? This "Fatwa" is nothing more than cheap words. What most people don't realize is that there is no such thing as a civilian in Islam. A civilian who refuses to accept Islam peacefully becomes the enemy. There is no middle ground. There is no "living together in peace" to a Muslim. Most of their teachings instruct Muslims not to make friends with, nor associate with, anyone but other Muslims. /// These quotes from the 1993 publication of the Islamic Assembly of North America, "Answers to common questions to new Muslims," make it quite clear to new converts whom their friends are and are not. It teaches them: "There is never any brotherhood between Muslims and Christians. Brotherhood must be based on faith." and " is obligatory upon a Muslim to be free of the people of infidelity and to hate them for the sake of Allah." /// These quotes are not from Muslims in the heart of the Middle East, but Muslims who live among us. These Muslims have been taught that anyone not a Muslim is beneath them. They are taught that someday, they will be free of the "infidels." The very act of calling a Christian a friend is a sin. Islam knows that killing a friend would be difficult, so friendship with a nonbeliever is forbidden. /// Muslims believe it's only a matter of time now. All is going as planned. Muslims believe that the Americans, predicable as always, will be cowering soon enough before the power of Islam. The liberal media, the leftist politicians, and the ACLU seem to have no idea that they are all being played like a fiddle. In the liberal's collective rush for power combined with their mutual hatred of Bush, liberals don't seem to care. /// What America needs to do in Iraq is stop trying to "win the hearts and minds" of the Iraqi people and just keep them safe by ruthlessly hunting down the enemy and killing him. Parade him in the streets if necessary. Turn him over to the Iraqi people and then look the other way when the people hang him from the nearest pole. Sometimes, vigilante justice is just what is needed. We need to snarl at the Iraqi police and soldiers and remind them that it is their job to protect their people. If they are incapable of doing that we need to know that now. /// Let the liberals have fainting spells over the aggressiveness that is absolutely needed in Iraqi right now. This is war, not a political parlor game. People are dying every day. The liberals do not understand the enemy. There are no rules. The enemy intends on winning, not just Iraq but the world. The terrorists will kill every man, woman, or child that gets in their way. There will be no treaties, no negotiations, and no sitting down and having a chat. If we do not kill them, they will kill us. That should be clear enough for even a liberal to understand. .....................000000000