Date: 8/13/2005


WHY THE HINDUS WILL NOT GET AN APOLOGY /// (even if they demand it)/// When the TOP Hindu stalwart and leader roared like a lion and declared, "WE ACCEPT PARTITON", the world noticed his wet trousers. Thereby in a flash he wiped out any Hindu claim to an Apology from anyone on earth leave aside the Governments of Fiji, Uganda and BOGUSDESH or from his own Supreme Commander who shot dead three hundred Hindu "karsewaks" in Ayodhya in 1993./// He sent a loud message, "We care two hoots for LAHORE and DHAKA and do not wish to recall the tragic fate of the HINDUS massacred there as well as in NOAKHALI." /// He went on, "You see, we have NO Memorial, NO commemoration. We believe that the lucky people slaughtered by the home grown terrorists have attained Nirvana." /// In sheer contrast, NO Sikh (genuine and true Sikh) has ever forsaken his deep spiritual aspiration to get the Janmasthan at SRI NANKANA SAHIB back from the Mohammedan bullies, or forgotten the days of Sikh GLORY in Lahore, the centre of their POLITICAL might two centuries ago./// The Hindus of NOAKHALI perished due to criminal negligence of the Government of the time and due to direct incitement of the mobs by Chief Minister of Bengal, Mr. Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy./// The Hindus of Lahore perished a year later due to criminal BETRAYAL by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his mentor Lord Louis Mountbatten. /// The Sikhs of 1984 have all felt very hurt and have commemorated the dead year in and year out in huge gatherings, demonstrations and congregations. They never even once declared, "We accept the army onslaught called "Operation Blue Star" that was launched by Indira Gandhi, and the later massacres instigated by her notorious son, BOFORS CHOR Rajiv Gandhi." /// They have loud voice and long memory, not only long swords./// They have a strong PRECEDENET in the shape of Banda Singh Bairagi who came all the way from Maharashtra to avenge the brutal killing of two younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji. /// The Hindus have yet to declare the day of their martyrdom as the Day of National Mourning. /// East Bengal is perhaps ONE FIFTH of U.P. in size. The Muslims there did not have to agitate and struggle for a semblance of autonomy after the occupation of East Pakistan by Indian armed forces in 1972. Their "residual TERROR" even in defeat was so terrifying and striking that the then Prime Minister of India, Mrs Indira Gandhi, readily returned the captured territory to them, including the weeping and wailing stunned Hindus back to MOHAMMED. Why was there NO reaction or retaliation in Tamil Nadu, Gujerat or Maharashtra?/// Let us look at U.P. and see if the citizens are perturbed being ruled by "SONIA, KALAM & the STOOGE" Trio in New Delhi./// The Sikhs have never forgotten that their brave forces inflicted a crushing defeat on the Afghans in order to fly the BHAGWA over KHYBER. Thus the British in 1849 found the frontier of India at Khyber, not at Wagah or Atari where it fell in 1947 due to Patriot Nehru and Warrior Gandhi. /// We Hindus need not make the demand of APOLOGY, trailing behind the Sikhs but STEP FORWARD BOLDLY and take into account the Dead of 1947 who were slaughtered all over West Punjab and elsewhere even BEFORE Bhindranwale was born. /// TOP Hindu leaders who care to look around to see as to who gets the Apology of the rulers will notice that the victims in every case are warriors. /// None committed to Ahimsa Parmo Dharma or any Nishkam Sewak deserves, or will be given, an Apology by the murderers and rascals in high positions. /// We need to ask, "How is it that although we kept the Muslims back in Bharat after horrendous Partition, none of them has been grateful for this unique self-sacrificing gensure by the Hindus or felt sorry for the wretched fate to which the HINDUS were delivered in Pakistan?" /// Our great Hindu leaders will say, "We dumped the memory of TWO MILLION dead of that year, not only ONE THIRD OF INDIAN TERRITORY that we surrendered at the same time."/// Let us now wish the Sikhs well and put our heads together to draft an APOLOGY by President of India and the President of All India Congress Party, the party to partition, for the Hindu dead since they took over India from the BrItish./// May be, someone could improve upon this approach. Please do so. we cannto live under the image of "people who do not demand an Apology and thus do not deserve it."/// Here is the bad news for everyone going about wearing BHAGWA in Bharat not only in and around AYODHYA, if they have not realised it themselves yet: "The Government of India is keeping a sharp eye on HINDU patriots who stir just as the British Government in the UK is keeping a close eye on the HOME GROWN Muslim terrorists there. /// The Hindu demanding an APOLOGY will be put on that List kept by R.A.W. in New Delhi./// In the real world in which we live, the foremost people to demand, and get an apology readily, are the followers of Jehadi Mohammed. /// Others are way back in the queue, some even invisible. Generally, an Apology is given to the People of Sword and Gun. /// To accept Mohammed's flag over LAHORE today is to see the same vulgarity and obscenity over DELHI tomorrow. Then who will demand an apology of whom?/// ............................000000000