Date: 8/15/2005


SAID ONE:/// You're a total defeatist and its people like you who scare other hindus away from joining the Hindu movement.Mentally disturbed people like you dont have no 'normal' solutions to anything but just keep on moaning and complaining and thats it and you think you're done something for the cause but the only thing you've done is make all hindus look crazy like yourself..I bet your own family thinks you're a nutter." /// ============= /// SAID THE OTHER:/// Thank you. It's again about my PERSON AND FAMILY. My person is the Hindu in North Kashmir and my family is the whole of Hindustan, broken and bleeding. If I do not point out the REALITY the sleeping Hindu leaders will die laughing because THEY (the fools with the guts of goats and memory cells of mosquitoes) have survived regardless of the others, including many martyrs like Nathu Ram Godse and Bhagat Singh Shaheed, have perished. By the way the LATTER was hanged to death in LAHORE, the city founded by LUV and surrendered by Nehru and totally forgotten by Vajpayee, Sangh Parivar, and Advani.. /// I was addressing Mr LK Advani, who is no ignorant peasant or a petty shopkeeper. I am thinking of him visiting Karachi and blaming the Hindus for Partition and calling Jinnah, the father of Pakistan, a great secular soul. /// I was thinking of the Prime Minister who went to his village of birth in West Punjab, courtesy visa by friend GENERAL Musharraf. /// I am thinking of the entire Hindu nation that has entrusted its DEFENCE (of daughters, Dharti and Dharma) to Supreme Commander MOHAMMED ABDUL KALAM instead of showing him the way to ISLAMABAD. /// I am thinking of Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee, especially today, the day of UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER OF DHAKA, RAWALPINDI AND KARACHI, who goes past the sovereign flags OF HIGH COMMISSIONS OF BREAKAWAY REBELLIOUS ISLAMIC (FILTH & VULGARITY on the sacred HINDU soil of BHARAT) without noticing the national humiliation and DEFEAT in 1947. /// i was not thinking of myself, a mere ant, or yourself who since you can yourself see your status in Fiji and Uganda due to the silent WILL of Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam. Would any AMIN or RABUKA have touched your whiskers had there been a Hindu Rashtra? The status of a Hindu there would have matched that of a Briton. /// In all my postings I am speaking to and CHALLENGING trembling Hindu leaders. For rank and file, the betrayed janata at grassroots I have the greatest respect. At present they have NO voice in their Destiny since people power in Bharat invites police batons and bullets. If I tell them "all is well" I shall betray them and make them think the mule in Bharat is a lion. The masses will never stir for the next millennium. By then the Hindu will be at the level of NATIVE Americans on our own territory. Only a few on these discussion lists are WARNING the others of the DANGERS of having ALIENS on top, the aliens who are determined to let Mohammed retain what he captured and to see only RUINS in Ayodhya. They are also determined to see the glory and manliness of KHANS on Bollywood film sets and to ignore the Hindu refugees from South Kashmir while not thinking of those who perished in North Kashmir. They are further determined NOT to raise any memorial to the Hindu DEAD of millennium and not to celebrate any victory by the Hindus over our "home grown" terrorists. They are determined to ignore the HINDU/Sikh dead of EAST Punjab and the High Treason of Nehru and Cowardice of Bapu Gandhi, but earnestly wish to catch Shri Modi, the distinguished chief minister of Gujerat, and convey him chained and in cage to the World Court in Hague for trial like Banda Singh Bahadur before Emperor Aurangzeb and ensure the same punishment. /// No Sir, the patient will stop taking the medicine if I say to the terminally ill patient, "you are well, and hale and hearty." I am looking up our leaders and great organisations to MILITARISE the Hindus for the final war of elimination approaching the Rest of Bharat, still in our hands. /// Today is the Day of PARTITION that our Hindu jagat is celebrating as the Day of Independence, and I have to speak the TRUTH, however bitter, and even if I am alone. /// It is no crime to share the dream of seeing BHAGWA over KHYBER once again, trial of Jawaharlal Nehru, extermination of his dirty DYNASTY as well as of the vast army of "home grown" terrorists, increasing and becoming more menacing by the hour, on MY territory, on OUR territory. /// Chatrapati Shivaji and Maharana Pratap did not tell the Hindus, "We are a great nation and safe under any Abdul Kalam or Aurangzeb. Go to sleep." They would have been immensely popular among all the Hindus like Bapu Gandhi, Advani and Vajpayee. /// Regards /// INDIA'S HOME GROWN TERRORISTS WILL BE GLAD TO READ THE ABOVE DISCORD IN THE HINDU WORLD WHILE THEY STAND UNITED TO ELIMINATE "KUFR" (INFIDELS) FROM THE WORLD AS PER KORAN. /// .......................000000000