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date: 8/15/2005

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said one: /// the subject (on a posting on internet) is " i am finished if i say partition," said nehru. /// but nowhere in the long message, often in fowl language, has the sender mentioned nehru's reported remarks,when where and in which context were they made. /// would the ignoramus be enlightened? /// =============/// said the other;/// thank you./// thank you./// i thought the subject line was clear. however your comment is valid. /// please consider this. /// nehru goes up the rampart of red fort and speaks the truth as a true patriot, /// "dear fellow countrymen, we have been betrayed by our british masters and our muslim fellow citizens who have cut up and reduced our country and taken away one third of it, causing immense bloodshed that is still ongoing in the newly created islamic republic on both sides of india and is most likely to hit kashmir very soon because of the guiding line that says, "all muslim majority areas have the right to secede from hindu majority areas." /// "we were forced or coerced to sign the unconditional surrender of our land and thereby also put a question mark against the state of jammu & kashmir. /// "i apologise to the nation for having signed the unconditional surrender of five provinces but do hereby give you a solemn pledge to recover every inch of our surrendered territory in the shortest possible time. /// "i shall move heaven and earth to convince the muslims, of the advantage of living in one india as before, and the disastrous consequences and eternal climate of hostility and insecurity and the ensuing arms race by cutting up india into three fragments." /// by boldy saying so, nehru would have raised awareness of his subjects in a few seconds, but now the nation is ignorant of the truth, even six decades on and the harmful effects and consequences of nehru's suppression of facts is weakening us all the time. he only spoke of "glow of freedom" and spoke of independence of india with no reference to the fate of lost territories and the dangers that lay ahead by accepting the sole yardstick of partition. /// nehru himself saw the "glow of freedom of india" but what did the vast muslim population in kashmir and the rest of india see? not a moment's thought on that! /// there would have been no dynasty, but a genuine democracy and real secularism under which we had lived earlier. there would have been no dynasty, but a genuine democracy and real secularism under which we had lived earlier. /// i believe the secularism that prevailed in the state of j & k (where the muslims lived happily side by side with the hindus) would have been role model for us all and spread across the whole of india. people would have put india above all just like the americans living in 52 states today. /// so we see that had nehru said the word "partition" in his famour speech as the first p.m. of partitioned india, people would have expected him to reunite the bleeding country and in case of failure, they would have lynched him. /// please do come back should you wish. i welcome free exchange of views. /// regards .............................000000000

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