Date: 8/15/2005


SEE POSTING BELOW: /// Congratulations. You spoke with the courage of a lion and heart of a true patriot./// Our own comments:/// WHAT INDEPENDENCE DID THE TWO MILLION SLAUGHTERED IN 1947 SEE, WHO PAID THE PRICE, AND THOSE KILLED, RAPED, ABDUCTED IN KASHMIR SINCE AND DRIVEN OUT IN TERROR FROM THEIR HOMES? /// PLEASE, FOR GOD'S SAKE RELATE TO FELLOW HINDUS AND RELATE TO TERRITORY. /// We need to commemorate the DEAD and recall the lost TERRITORIES. /// With regard to the FORMER, we resolve to build a suitable MEMORIAL right in front of Lok Sabha. /// With regard to the LATTER, we resolve to recover every inch of our territory captured by the home grown terrorists and bullies. /// regards /// KURU/// To accept Mohammed's flag over LAHORE today is to see the same vulgarity and obscenity over DELHI tomorrow. /// ======================= /// In a message dated 15/08/2005 01:58:42 GMT Daylight Time, writes: /// For further details, visit our Web Site GOVERNMENT OF ARYAVRT 77 - Khera Khurd, Delhi-110082 (BHARAT) Phone: +91-9350601144 LETTER No.:\A refugee's & pick-pocket's doom day, viz. 15th August. /// Sir,/// Today is TANKHAIYA Manmohan's dooms day. /// The revered martyr Pandit Nathuram Godse had long back disclosed the facts in his written answer to the charge sheet in paras, quoted as hereunder, 119... For had the Indian press impartially criticized the anti national policy carried on by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Now Antonia Maino) and had they impressed upon the people that the interest of the nation was far greater than the whim of any individual, howsoever great he may be, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and his followers could never have dared concede Pakistan to the Muslims as easily as has been done. The press had displayed such weakness and submission to the High Command of the Congress that it allowed the mistakes of leaders pass away freely and unnoticed and made vivisection easy by their policy...### 120. It is stated in some quarters that the people could not have got the independence unless Pakistan was conceded. But I took it to be an utterly incorrect and untrue view. To me it appears to be merely a poor excuse to justify the action taken by the leaders. The leaders of the Gandhian creed often claim to have conquered Swarajya by their struggle. If they had conquered Swarajya, then it would be clearly seen that it is most ridiculous to say that those Britishers who yielded, were in a position to lay down the condition of Pakistan before the grant of independence could be only one reason for Gandhi and his followers to give their consent to the creation of Pakistan and it is that these people were accustomed to make a show of hesitation and resistance in the beginning and ultimately to surrender to the Muslim demands./// 121. Pakistan was conceded on the 15th of August 1947, and how? Pakistan was conceded by deceiving the people and without any consideration for the feelings and opinions of the people of Punjab, Bengal, NWF province, Sind, etc. Indivisible Bharat was divided into two and in one of its parts a theocratic State was established. The Muslims obtained the fruit of their anti-national movements and actions in the shape of Pakistan. The leaders of the Gandhian creed ridiculed the opponents of Pakistan as traitors and communal minded, while they themselves helped in the establishment of a Muslim State in India yielding to the demands of Mr. Jinnah. This event of Pakistan had upset the tranquillity of my mind. But even after the establishment of Pakistan if this Gandhian Government had taken any steps to protect the interests of Hindus in Pakistan it could have been possible for me to control my mind which was terribly shaken on account of this terrible deception of the people. But, after handing over crores of Hindus to the mercy of Muslims of Pakistan Gandhi and his followers have been advising them not to leave Pakistan but continue to stay on. The Hindus thus were caught in the hands of Muslim authorities quite unawares and in such circumstances series of calamities followed one after the other. When I bring to my mind all these happenings my body simply feels a horror of burning fire, even now./// 122. Every day that dawned brought forth the news about thousands of Hindus being massacred, Sikhs numbering 15000 having been shot dead, hundreds of women torn of their clothes being made naked and taken into procession and that Hindu women were being sold in the market places like cattle. Thousands and thousands of Hindus had to run away for their lives and they had lost everything of theirs. A long line of refugees extending over the length of 40 miles was moving towards the Indian Union. How was this terrible happening counteracted by the Union Government? Oh! By throwing bread to the refugees from the air!/// 123. These atrocities and the bloodbath would have to some extent been checked if the Indian Government had lodged strong protests against the treatment meted out to the Minorities in Pakistan or even if a cold threat had been held out to the Muslims in India of being treated in the same manner as a measure of retaliation. But the Government which was under the thumb of Gandhi resorted to absolutely different ways. If the grievances of the minorities in Pakistan were voiced in the Press, it was dubbed as an attempt to spread disaffection amongst the communities and made an offence and the Congress Governments in several Provinces started demanding securities under the Press Emergency Powers Act, one after the other, I was alone served with notices demanding securities to the extent of Rs. 16,000 and in the Bombay Province alone nearly 900 such cases have occurred, as is stated by the Home Minister, Mr. Morarjibhai Desai in the Court. Nothing was done to redress the grievances of the Press even though Press deputations waited upon the Ministers. Thus there was total disappointment in my attempt to bring pressure by peaceful means upon the Congress Governments guided by Gandhian creed./// The situation more alarming today. The Media has been more corrupt. Aryans are in mess today trapped under two notorious criminal cultures named Christianity & Islam. Sardar Ji! If you are a real Sikkh, arrest cow and man eater thief of Aamer Fort treasury Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi. She is a Catholic Christian. Her daughter, son & son-in-law all are Catholic Christians. They have been commanded by their Ghost Jesus & dreaded Bible to slay your infants, eat their flesh and drink their blood. (Bible, John 6:53). She is here to slay you because you are celebrating this so called indepedence day and you are not accepting Jesus your king! (Bible, Luke 19:27). She is here to dash your infants into pieces before your own eyes. (Bible Isaiah 13:15-16), get your women ravished and your belongings looted on the excuse that you do not accept Jesus your king and became a puppet Prime Minister./// You should feel sorry for the fact that you are abusing & insulting Sikkhs & all their ten Gurus, who sacrificed their lives and belongings for the protection of Tilak and Yagyopavit of Aryans./// If you cannot do your duty, because you have taken oath of faith and allegiance of the dreaded Indian Constitution, the Article 29(1) of which grants unfettered fundamental Right to Sonia to conserve her culture, resign and hand-over the Government to Aryavrt./// Your well wisher, /// (Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi) Press Secretary For Aryavrt Sarkar. Dated: Monday, August 15, 2005. ///..... ..........................000000000