Date: 8/20/2005


SO-CALLED "SECULAR" INDIAN BABOO(N), TREMBLIND IN FEAR UNDER SWORD OF ISLAM, SPENDS $41 MILLION ON "HAJJ" SUBSIDIES TO HOME GROWN TERRORISTS /// COMMENT BY A PATRIOT: /// I THINK HINDUS AND HINDU ORGANISATION ALL OVER THE WORLD MUST TAKE GOI TO SUPREME COURT FOR THE DISCRIMINATION TO HINDU FAITH MEANING VEDIC DHARMA AND ITS PHILOSOPHIES LIKE JAINISM, BUDHISM, SIKHISM AND ZOROSTRIANISM. IS THERE ANY ARDENT HINDU ORGANISATION TO TAKE UP THIS TASK?/// HINDIVIR/// COMMENT BY ANOTHER:/// Thank you for this ROUSING call to the Hindus WORLD OVER. It is blatant and criminal betrayal of Hindus after PARTITION of India, to see this discrimination. /// The Muslims, who are taking advantage of Hindu weakness, are not even LEGITIMATE citizens of India since Partition. As the world knows, India gave them ONE THIRD of her TERRITORY (FIVE PROVINCES) in 1947 to establish Pakistan and then VANISH from the Rest of India./// If the GoI is not taken to WORLD COURT by PEOPLE POWER, or the UNO, then the simmering resentment and frustration among the Hindus will result in civil war. /// Already we have seen similar instances, for example the HIGH TREASON of returning EAST Bengal to Muslims after its CAPTURE by Indian Armed Forces in 1972. The other glaring instance is for us to helplessly watch our SIKH brethren, who were foremost in sacrificing their lives for the Independence of India, to be crying for justice since the massacres of 1984. /// It is just TOO MUCH and the pot of Hindu patience is about to BOIL OVER. /// The top, if they cannot be removed by ballet will be wiped out by BULLETS. /// The patriot's words above are a stark warning. No one feeds the ENEMY while starving own family. The Muslims of India, the HOME GROWN TERRORISTS, moved out of Bharat in 1947 amidst "rivers of blood" and both Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan KNOW this. /// What they are doing, despite all this, is to squeeze the Hindus of more souls, more wealth and more territory. (There is no whisper in ruling circles as to when India is going to RECOVER North Kashmir, leave aside Lahore.)/// .......................000000000