Date: 8/20/2005


Namaskar Please note here we are expressing our views on the Nanavati Commission report. Prime Minister of Bharat was also responding to that report in the parliament. It is very shameful that the Congress party, the main accused and instigating/organizing party of this whole massacre was silent all along for the last more than twenty years. Finally after more than twenty years if the Prime Minister belonging to the same party expresses his apologies and sadness it should not be taken as enmity but a positive gesture. We are still demanding that stepping down of Jagdish Tytler or Sajjan Kumar is not enough as that is just an eye wash. We demand that all accused be severely punished immediately without any further delay and the congress party chief Sonia must also apologize to the Sikh community and the whole nation, on behalf of her late husband, than Prime Minister of Bharat and also on behalf of the congress party for their sinful deeds. /// Kindly don't mix issues and show your hatred for our own family, our own brothers and sisters. A Prime Minister is a Prime Minister of the country...Hindu or Sikh? doesn't matter. So don't pinpoint and try to highlight sarcastically the Sikh word to Prime Minister. And for your kind information the 1984 killing and burning alive of more than ten thousand innocent bharatiyas in the capital of Bharat from the Sikh community was not a riot but a Massacre, a complete Genocide of the worst kind ever witnessed in the history of our nation after independence. May be you were not present there and have not witnessed this genocide but I have witnessed those horrible scenes in Delhi. I have seen naked mothers and sisters of Bharat raped running towards the camps and their all male family members some beheaded and other burnt alive in front of them. I had interviewed those many innocent women, children and several other victims staying in different camps, gurudwaras. Immediately after this massacre Justice Tarkunde Commission report ' Who are the Guilty' clearly mentioned all the names of all the main accused and demanded the persecution of those criminals but no justice was ever given to the innocent victims till this date. Nobody here is justifying the sad and unfortunate killings of our Hindu brothers in Punjab or else where in any part of Bharat. It is the moral duty of the govt at the center and at local level to protect the lives of all innocent citizens equally without discriminating any belonging to any religious faith. Strict rule of law must be maintained equally for all. /// Please also note that the majority of the Sikhs are patriots and never believe in killing of innocents. Kindly don't forget the unparalleled sacrifices of Sikh Gurus specially of Guru Tegh Bhadhurji, (the ninth Guru of Sikh panth) and his followers, who laid down their lives for the the protection of Hindu dharma and the whole Bharat. That is why till today, the whole nation call Guruji "HIND KE CHADDAR' The real protector of Hindustan and Hindu dharma. Guru Tegh Bhadhurji was the real savior and crusader against forcible conversions. Lets not forget it is the majority Sikhs who were sentenced to death fighting for the independence and freedom struggle of Bharat. The Sikh community is the backbone of the armed forces of Bharat. Today also to protect the lives of our Hindu brothers, to stop present conversions and to throw out the corrupt politicians and anti nationals, we again need great Balidanis like Guru Tegh Bhadhur to stand as 'Pure Sant Sipahi' to have the courage to lead the whole Hindu society with a firm commitment, ready to sacrifice their lives for creating a movement of awareness, a strong revolution, a strong united Andolan and convert many sheeps into lions to bring back the lost glory of our punaye bhoomi Bharat. /// Lets not create disharmony or further frictions among ourselves, instead we should focus on working together hand in hand as one family. Lets heal the wounds with our genuine gestures of love and respect to reach out and embrace all patriots of Bharat and bring them on one platform for the unity and strength of our motherland. /// Vande Mataram /// Devender Singh Sawhney /// ........................000000000