From Jamatul Mujahideen Of Bangladesh

Date: 8/23/2005


Let the secular world get ready to meet the onslaught from least expected quarter, "impoverished" Bangladesh. Please read below what they are up to there./// As one cheeky KAFIR (condemned to death by Koran) said, "They may not have paper to wipe their bottoms, but they do wish to eliminate George Bush and Tony Blair, and then overrun "soft & easy" Hindustan that is already decomposing rapidly under ABDUL KALAM." /// KURU/// Hindu/Sikh Forum (UK)/// ====================/// /// From Jamatul Mujahideen Of Bangladesh/// Aug 22, 2005/// From Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh/// /Bismillah Ar Rahman Er Raheem//// All praise is due to Allah and peace and blessings be upon Mohammad (SAW).I bear witness that there is no Creator worthy of worship except Allah alone and that Mohammad (SAW) is His slave and Rasool. Allah says in the Holy Quran- “nobody has the right to give judgment except Allah or the judgment is for none but Allah”. (Sura Yusuf-40). Surely His is the Creation and the commandment. (Sura Araf-54). “There will always be one small group of people who will constantly do physical Jihad or physical fighting to establish the law of Allah. These people will be harsh towards their enemy and the people who will oppose them cannot harm them at all. They will carry on this physical fighting till the Day of Judgment.”(Sahih Muslim 4804/5) /// *To The People:* /// Dear Muslim brotherhood of Bangladesh Assalamu-alaikum. Allah has created us as His delegate in this earth and only to worship Him alone without setting up any partners with Him. The last Prophet (SAW) was sent amongst us to teach us how to forgo the taghoot in our beliefs and also in our actions and day to day activities. Allah says in the Quran- And verily, We have sent among every Ummah a messenger proclaiming “Worship Allah alone and keep away from all forms of Taghoot.” (Sura Nahal- 36). Taghoot: If people sets up an Ilah or false deity (God) apart from Allah and makes Him the ruling judge by worshipping him or by obeying him and making him a partner or equaling himself with Allah in any matter or form than that partner or Ilah is called Taghoot. Taghoot as ruler: The Zalim ruler who changes the law of the Quran that is the ruler who by the power of His own law makes halal which is haram. For example: Zina (Adultery, fornication), interest, wine and all forms of obscenity or makes the haram which is halal. For example: Provokes Qital and Jihad. In the same way he sets aside or forgoes the law of Allah and rules by his own law or by the law setup by the kuffars and the Mushriks. In a Muslim land there can be no other law except the law of Allah. But the saddest thing is that, there is no Islamic Shariah even though 90% of the people of our country are Muslims. Rather they have formed the lower and upper court from district level to capital city to procure the judgment under man compiled constitution. The constitution is composed by some willful sinner. As human being and as a slave (servant) of Allah every body must obey the rule of Allah. In lieu men have composed a constitution for their society by throwing a challenge against the rule of Allah. The ruler of our country is an opponent power of Allah because the procedure of selection of all organs of Government is made by a completely non-Islamic system. There is no evidence and acceptance in the Holy Quran and Sahih Hadith to maintain the regime under Democracy, Socialism, Communism, and Secularism etc. All these systems are man made laws invented by the kuffar. Each and every ism is a rival to the rule of Allah. In order to destroy the basic belief of Muslims these isms were composed by Kafirs, Mushriks and Jews. So, it is high time to think to earn escape for all Muslim concerns. So, Jamatul Mujahideen of Bangladesh is defying the traditional judgment system of Bangladesh with complete obedience and surrendering to Almighty Allah. We are inviting all the concerns of Bangladesh to abstain the so called election system and also inviting to conduct the country under the rule of Allah because the constitution of Bangladesh directly contradicts with the Holy Quran and Sahih Hadith. This is the reason, Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh, is committed to establish the rule of Allah in this country under the system of Qital. Until and unless the establishment of Islamic law in Bangladesh every body must avoid going to the court. You should go to the Khatib (cleric) of Mosque, Muhaddes of Madrasa and intellectual of Islam for settlement of dispute and perfect judgment; to deny the rule of Taghoot Government and to ask for the judgment of Allah under Islamic law. /// *To The Government Of Bangladesh:* /// May peace be upon those who seek the true guidance. You should not come back to the yard of darkness after Hedayyah (Light of belief). Allah has sent His prophet (SAW) as a messenger and a Warner of the true religion. Allah has given proper guidance to those who have responded to His call. The prophet (SAW) has taken up arms against those who decline the belief of Islam. So we invite the Government of Bangladesh to restore the rule of Islam and we will assist you. We do not want power. We only want to see the rule of Allah instead of present Taghoot rule. The activists of Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh are soldiers of Almighty Allah. They have taken up arms to establish the rule of Islam the same way like Mohammad (SAW), his Sahabas and many heroic mujahideens. Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh would like to achieve the satisfaction of Almighty Allah by establishment of Tawheed and dissolution of Shirk & Bidaah. This way they want the people of the society to be happy in both the earth and the hereafter. The Government of Bangladesh has already been invited two times to conduct the country under Islamic law by Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh. But each and every time the activists of Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh were arrested by the Government. Jamatul Mujahideen of Bangladesh did not take any counter action in this regard. This is the third invitation to the Government of Bangladesh to ascertain the rule of Islam. After this announcement if the Government of Bangladesh fails to establish the Islamic law or try to arrest any member of Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh, for their expectation of Islamic rule or try to repress the clerics and intellectuals of Islam then Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh, Insha-Allah will take direct action against all associates. All ruling and opposition members of the parliament: This kafir-mushrik composed constitution divides the society into many groups by making segregation between the party and the opposition. This constitution allowing hartals (strikes) creates problems for the general public and cripples the economy. This way of crippling people’s movements and their economy is against the democratic system of the country. Every body is the enemy of Islam who wants to launch democracy as an institutional form. Therefore we invite the ruling party and also the opposition to initiate the rule of Islam within a short time in Bangladesh. As a member of parliament you should desist the constitution of taghoot and give opportunity to maintain the perfect Islamic rule for all Muslim concern and remove obscenity, shirk and bidaah. And if you are afraid of pressures and oppressions by Bush and Blair then please leave politics of democratic Taghoot. The Tawheed oriented mass people will Insha-Allah establish the rule of Allah with co-operation of clerics and intellectuals of Islam. /// *To Justice And Civil Servants: * /// Please stop all administrative activities and judgment under the rule of Taghoot, incase the Government do not agree to set-up the rule of Allah. You can co-operate to form the rule of Allah and in that way try to earn His satisfaction. We are also inviting Army, BDR, Police and RAB and all other forces to protect the rule of Allah instead of the rule of taghoot. Do not obey the command of taghoot but obey the command of Allah. By the command of the taghoot do not take-up arms against the soldiers of Allah. Please join the Army of Allah and leave the slavery of the taghoot. Instead of becoming soldiers of the taghoot become soldiers of Allah. Insha-Allah action would be taken against those who will fail to with hold their support to taghoot. Allah says in the Quran: “Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight in the cause of the taghoot (shaytan). So fight you against the friends of shaytan. Ever feeble is the plot of shaytan (Sura Nisaa-76)”. /// *To The Muslims Of The World: * /// Today in the present world the biggest terrorist is George Bush. As per his despicable activities he is attacking the Muslim countries one after another and trying to forcefully impose the Kafir man made constitution in all the Muslim countries. This intention is an akin to Fera-un. He wants to bring the entire world under his control by the system of democracy and the new world order. But the soldiers of Allah (mujahideens) will not allow him to establish this kufur man made democracy. Democracy is an innovation of taghoot and this is a weapon to set up the ism of taghoot. The rule of taghoot declares to arrest the soldiers of Allah and tells them terrorists. Where as Allah says in the Quran: “O you who believe; take your arms and either go forth on an expedition in parties or go forth all together (Sura Nisaa-71)”. Therefore, we are inviting the entire Muslim community all around the world that you compel your Governments to establish the rule of Allah. That is to oust the taghoot Government from all Muslim countries under the system of Qital Fe Sabi-lillah. Boycott the kufur United Nations and make a separate Muslim United Nations by uniting all the Muslim countries. /// *To Kafir-Mushrik:* /// Beware: We are warning Bush and Blair along with all other oppressive leaders to immediately leave the invasion of all Muslim countries. Stop imposing leadership power in the Muslim lands. The whole communities of Muslims are arising. You will not be safe and secured any where in the world if you do not stop the repression of the Muslims. We are also warning the Israeli and US funded NGOs to stop all your anti-Islamic activities. If you do not then Insha-Allah we will fight and destroy you. /// /Wa Sallallahu Ta’ala Ala Khayri Khalkihi Muhammadiiu Wa’ala Alihi Wa Ashabihi Ajmaieen//// *Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh*/// ......................000000000