Date: 8/29/2005


Massacre of Sikhs, a patriotic native community in Bharat in 1984 (wanton politically motivated ATTACK in June, and deliberate malicous instigation to MASSACRE them in November), was a deliberate attack on our truly indigenous stock of population. /// Given the history of origin of the Sikhs during the cruel and oppressive alien MOHAMMEDAN rule over Hindusthan, the attack exposes the rulers' lack of knowledge of history or even worse. /// The Sikhs have come to be known as the "Defenders of Hindu Dharma" or the "SWORD ARM OF HINDUSTHAN". Therefore any EVIL or DEVIL that wishes to BASH the Hindus and rule India for ever, must, at first, destroy, DEMORALISE and WEAKEN the Sikhs. /// The (Ruling & FOOLING) All-India The Congress, that is most RECONCILED to accepting that provocative MUSLIMIC onslaught on the integrity of Hindu nation (PARTITION of India in 1947), is also ideologically and permanently committed to hand over the REST OF INDIA too, to Islam and (another newly emerging contender) Christianity. /// Not to realise this even after nearly SIX DECADES of Congress (Hindu bashing) rule just shows the extremely poor quality of Hindu LEADERSHIP. Unless they change radically, the country is DOOMED. Delhi is bound to go the way of Lahore and Mizoram and Nagaland are bound to go the way of East Timur in Indonesia. (That CATHOLIC Enclave is fully sovereign now under UN guarantees and protection)./// Congress Party, the INVISIBLE ARM OF ISLAM, promptly surrendered five provinces of our Motherland, not only West Punjab with Lahore, the capital, and Sri NANKIANA SAHIB, the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Dev ji, thus breaking the backbone of the Sikh community in particular, but is also bent upon demoralising, weakening the Hindu body further. It is called "SOFTENING THE TARGET". We need committed and BRAVE scholars to go into this aspect of the dissolving and vanishing Hindusthan./// Nothing can be taken for granted, not even the survival of Hindu Dharma on its own patch of TERRITORY. Nothing is left of it in (NA-)Pakistan and (BOGUS)Bangla-desh. /// Demoralising and destroying the SIKHS was an attack on BOTH (Our Dharma and Territory)./// When our daughters were being abducted from the fleeing families in 1947, Government of India was busy in creating the cult of "Nehru / Gandhi Worship" making one a Superman and the other a Mahatma./// When the Hindus in South Kashmir faced slaughter and death, Government of India LOOKED THE OTHER WAY. More than a quarter of a million are refugees in their own country./// When the INDIANS were kicked out of Uganda and Fiji unceremoniously, Government of India LOOKED THE OTHER WAY. /// When the most valuable CHILDREN OF HINDUSTHAN, the Sikhs, were butchered in the streets of DELHI and all over India, the Government of India and their Supreme Commander LOOKED THE OTHER WAY- in fact, INSTIGATED these brutal and savage killings. /// If yet our top HINDU leaders have not realised the "nature" of this "Government" then we must cry and weep over their calibre and guts. The country is DOOMED. /// We wish to hear more from our LEADERS. We do not wish to see them hiding, compromising and surrendering. We do not expect even one small guy wearing the field marshal's robes to declare from public platform, "We ACCEPT Partition" and give a shot in the arm of our ENEMIES and boost their morale further. We expect these small guys in the garb of our "netas" to STAND UP and CHALLENGE the most absurd and humiliating surrender of history and question, "Why?, and take the IGNORANT and DEFEATED nation with them../// We must not convey to the world the picture of a HINDU minister or MP, kneeling before Sonia or Abdul Kalam. It tells the world, loud and clear, that India is free (of British rule, but NOT free of ISLAMIC terror and the dark, menacing and lengthening shadow of ITALY & POPE) while the Hindu is still the downtrodden SLAVE. /// ........................000000000